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Deer Body Language!

Deer, bear, moose, caribou, etc

Deer Body Language!

Postby » Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:11 pm

Psychologist can interpret a person's mood by reading his body language, and a hunter can do the same thing with deer. Deer will give you a lot of signs if you pay attention. Watch the deer's tail. If the tail gets in an arched position with the ears alert, something is wrong. When everything is all right, the deer will twitch its tail a few times and go back to feeding.

If a deer starts stomping its foot and tensing up, something's wrong. If the deer spots you in a stand and starts bobbing its head up and down, it's trying to get you to move and confirm its suspicions. When deer are staring at you and their body language is nervous, sit absolutely still and even squint your eyes so less of the white shows.

Pay special attention to the doe with a yearling. She's the spookiest animal in the woods. If you spook her, she will alert every other nearby deer. If mamma doe doesn't like whatever is happening, daddy isn't coming either.

When you're watching deer in a field or other feeding situation, they will tell you when other deer are coming. If the deer look up and stare into the cover, that's a sign that another deer is approaching. If you watch a little buck, he'll tip you off that a bigger buck is heading your way. Not only will a small buck watch a bigger buck approach, but he'll also act nervous. Deer have a fascinating way of communicating with one another through body language, and you'll pick it up if you watch carefully.
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Postby allingeneral » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:50 am

I haven't done much deer hunting, but that all certainly makes sense. Just thinking about sitting in a stand, watching the deer, trying to learn their body language makes me consider going deer hunting this fall. Or maybe I'll just stick to the catfish...their body language is easy to understand...they're either in the boat...or they're not :)
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