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Gasoline choices for your boat motor

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Gasoline choices for your boat motor

Postby allingeneral » Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:37 am

If you own a boat and operate it with a gas motor you may want to check your owner's manual and the kind of gas you use before you decide to top off your gas tank. You may have noticed that E-10 fuel is now being distributed throughout the country and in major metro markets. E-10 fuel is gasoline that is 10 percent ethanol. The Ethanol additive could cause some serious problems for boaters who do not check manufacturer's specifications to see if the use of an alcohol additive is suitable for their particular boat motor. Most manufacturers consider E-10 gasoline to be acceptable, but some suggest special operation or care of the motor when using fuels with ethanol additives.

The most serious outcome of introducing E-10 fuel into your boat engine is the potential for the corn-based alcohol additive to act as a corrosive solvent, which may result in damaging resins in fiberglass and plastic fuel tanks as well as breakdown of older rubber fuel lines and hoses. Another concern is water-alcohol separation that can damage and shorten the life of your boat motor. Alcohol (ethanol) also tends to attract water. So, when winterizing your boat, you should fill your fuel tank completely to ensure that there is not extra space for condensation to occur.

In summary, be sure you know what type of fuel you're putting in your boat, and look in your owner's manual to see if your engine manufacturer suggests any special considerations when using 10% Ethanol fuels.
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