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How to Cook Salmon

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How to Cook Salmon

Postby soloist0117 » Fri May 21, 2010 7:44 am

You can Bake, Broil and BBQ

Either fillet salmon for boneless fillets, cut salmon into steaks, or leave fish whole. Stuff with favorite wild rice recipe.

Mix together
¼ cup melted butter
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon
1 tsp chopped fresh dill
3 garlic pieces chopped fine

Spread over fish, brushing with mixture while cooking. When salmon light pink. Eat and enjoy.
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Re: How to Cook Salmon

Postby darrylp » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:49 am

Sounds good, no...already tastes good :) I tried baking salmon but the ingredients always mismatched leaving a not so good taste. BBQ turns out good for me but I try to keep the ingredients very simple and less. Thanks, for the recipe, I'll definitely try it.
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