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Troutfisher's Fish Recipe - For Trout

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Troutfisher's Fish Recipe - For Trout

Postby troutfisher » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:19 pm

For all you who like to eat fish, here's a recipe for you, taught to me by the bass player in my bluegrass band.

"Troutfisher's Easy To Make, Easy To Use Trout Recipe"


Number of trout desired to fix
Fish batter
Cooking Oil
Large pan
Pair of tongs for removing and turning fish


Step 1: Get however many trout fillets you wish to fix. When cleaning fish, clear out inside of fish and remove head, tail, and fins, leaving only skin, bones, and meat.

Step 2: Thoroughly rinse fish in cold water.

Step 3: Roll fish in fish batter mix, inside of the fish and out.



Step 4: Heat oil in pan to medium/high heat. After oil is warm, put 2-3 fish fillets in the skillet (depending on however many fish can fit in the pan)


Step 5: After fish have cooked and are crispy, remove from frying pan and let oil drain from them.



Here's the trick!

Step 7: Before eating the fish, grab the backbone of the fish and peel it out. This will take out most of the bones, without the mess of having to do it beforehand. Be sure the fish has cooled before you try this.

Step 8: Enjoy!

I love bluegrass, politics, and FISHING!
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Re: Troutfisher's Fish Recipe - For Trout

Postby brahmabull » Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:14 am

What is the fish batter made of? Can I also use olive oil as cooking oil? This one really looks good I got hungry just by reading the steps hahahaha! Thanks for sharing this.
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