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DU-F flanged bushing, SF-1 bushing,DU oilless dry bushing su

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DU-F flanged bushing, SF-1 bushing,DU oilless dry bushing su

Postby slidebearing » Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:30 pm

In mounting a Composite Bushing or ring piece with mounting force required to increase self-lubricating shaft Vaga bearing size increases rapidly. Because of the mounting force requirements, larger bearings is not easy to push the shaft or pushed into the bearing housing. Therefore, the Sliding Bearing
or bearing or workpiece or cyclic heating before installation. Induction DX sleeve bushing heater can be compared with the transformer, it works is to a large number of turns of the primary coil and a copper sleeve manufacturers of secondary winding turns less installed on the same core. Input and output voltage ratio is equal to the ratio of the number of turns of the coil, while energy maintenance-free bearings guarantee remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary coil to produce a large current at a low voltage condition. For the speed of the card bearing induction heater, the DU oilless dry bushing is a single-turn secondary winding shorted, at a lower AC voltage flows at high amperage, thus generating a lot of heat due. The heater itself and the yoke is kept at room temperature. Because of this heating method can induce a current, so the bearing is magnetized. It is important to ensure that the bearing degaussing, so that during the operation will not attract metal shavings. All induction heaters have automatic degaussing function. The temperature difference between the bearing and the bearing mounting position depends on the interference fit between the level and bearing size. Under normal circumstances, the DU-F flanged bushing, SF-1 bushing bearing temperature is higher than the temperature of the shaft 80 to 90 ℃ (144 至 162 ℉) for installation is sufficient. But we can not let the heating temperature of the bearing exceeds 125 ℃ (257 ℉), because then the bearing material microstructure change will occur, resulting in changes in diameter or hardness. Local overheating must be avoided, especially not with the flame heating bearings. When you install a heated bearing to wear clean gloves. The use of lifting (lifting) mechanically easy to install. Push the DX Bushing along the shaft to the mounting position, the bearing intact, pressing firmly until it fit.
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