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The problems with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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The problems with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Postby cheapfifacoins4u » Sat May 23, 2015 6:57 am

One of the a lot of accepted amateur on the app abundance appropriate now is FIFA 15 Android COINS, which a lot of humans accepted to be a absolutely top superior game, until they absitively to try it out. The bold is riddled with issues and huge bugs that users accept been reporting, and updates don’t assume to do it abundant acceptable either.

EA Sports has appear some appealing acceptable titles in the past, but this one seemed rushed and far beneath the accepted of antecedent releases. It’s not a bad bold by any means, but it’s bedeviled by assorted issues and bugs that absorb a advanced arrangement of problems. Those who haven’t accomplished any difficulties address that the bold is absolutely good, but they’re the boyhood in this situation, unfortunately. If you yield 5 account of your time to apprehend the comments on the official Google Play page of the app, afresh you’ll see a glimpse of what problems users accept been experiencing. Everything from issues in contacting the server, to problems logging in, and affluence added bugs are getting reported. While the bold has accustomed a few updates already, they haven’t done abundant to fix those errors, and users are still consistently advertisement the aforementioned errors, mostly accompanying to the game’s connectivity.

Game companies should yield note: abiding connectivity should never be a claim to arena a game. Not alone does this cesspool your array abundant faster and cede the bold unplayable if you accept no connection, but it aswell creates abounding added problems. There are a lot of players who accept installed the game, so EA Sports has a big accountability on their amateur if they abide accomplishing annihilation to fix it. They charge to yield activity and absolution a big application which addresses all these issues, because clearly, the bold is sub-standard with these connectivity problems in it. Here’s what one user has to say about these issues:

FIFA 15 Coins is one way to say it, just in case anyone who develops this bold in fact reads these reviews I would accept fabricated it a 5 brilliant rating, about the servers blast or the ‘unable to affix to the server’ bulletin comes up. What was a lot of annoying is I spent a acceptable anniversary or too cutting up my money and amateur skill. Trophies for cups I had won alone to appear to it afterwards putting my son to bed, to yet afresh get the server affair message, if it eventually affiliated it had wiped all of my advance and I now accept to alpha from arena up with it acceptance me to accept my starting band again.
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