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the remade air jordan 1 loved by gucci

General Discussion about anything fishing related

the remade air jordan 1 loved by gucci

Postby Miller3 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:32 am

Damian Lillard. Dame. Dame D. O. L. L. A. The nike air max paint drip point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers has been one of the most underrated players nowadays, let alone in NBA history. Dame, who consistently improved since Day 1 of his NBA career, led his team vigorously throughout last season, but eventually lost against the Warriors in the First Round of the Playoffs. Even if he put himself into MVP-conversations and the Blazers on the radar, he still doesn’t get the recognition and the All-Star naming he deserves (no title for two years in a row!!). Let’s see what the upcoming NBA season 17-18 has to offer for Dame. Off the NBA hardwood, Dame has already proved himself a true business man and achiever of his ideas. He dropped not only one but two highlights for sneakerhead and hip hop fans this autumn. Lillard Fans have to be patient for a little bit longer until the Portland Trail Blazers kick off the regular season against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, October 18th. In the meantime, Damian Lillard hasn’t been unproductive and worked on his career on and off the court.

He is not only the starting point guard of the Blazers and one of a select nike air max 90 candy drip few in the league with his own signature shoe line, but a successful and highly regarded rapper in the world of hip hop. His alter ego Dame D. O. L. L. A. released his second studio album ‘Confirmed’ featuring appearances by Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and many more in early October. As a follow-up to his debut project ‘The Letter O’ from 2016, the rapper has earned himself a high reputation as a recording artist. With good reason since the tracks are pure fire and no other athlete in the world could compete with Dame’s rap skills so far. Hats off! His focus has not only been on music and hoops this off-season, though. Lillard’s signature shoe line with adidas has been improved the same way he has advanced his basketball skills over the summer. A seamless new performance sneaker to hoop in – the DAME 4 drops this October on KICKZ. com.

For the fourth time in a row, adidas teamed up with Damian Lillard to work on his new signature nike air max 90 halloween for sale A sock-like fit on the upper was designed to keep the explosive guard locked in for zero distractions. The seamless, ventilated mesh upper in the rip city colorway provides the lightweight comfort and breathability every baller needs. The seamless neoprene collar helps to enforce absolute comfort and the lacing cables create unstoppable fit. Adidas is here to create after all! The DAME 4 sits on BOUNCE – ball all day with this impressive adidas cushioning system. The full-length cushion provides support on both sides of the court and superior comfort for the everyday hustle. Lillard decided to not go with the trend using BOOST for his latest signature shoe. Instead, he wanted it to be affordable to the masses and not as expensive as his adidas colleagues’ shoe lines. He is a man of the people, by all means.

The adidas design team put great work in the traction pattern. Quick cuts and hard drives have no excuse now. Run the court and create space against defenders with this evolved traction pattern. You’ll never be caught slipping! Lillard’s passion for hip hop was taken into account while designing the rubber midsole of the signature performance shoe. The wavelength design cue on the outsole gives a nod to his proficiency as a musician and display a musical waveform. The numerical order 35. 12-25. 64-6-09-0 on the tongue tab are defining DAME moments, signifying important steps in his basketball career. Starting with the 35. 12, the number depicts the Breakout game stats that put Damian on coaches’ maps in High School. The 25. 6. 4 were very important stats for him as well since they got Dame noticed during his final season at Weber State. Selected as the No. 6 overall pick, he averaged 19 points, 6. 5 assists and 3. 1 rebounds per game and earned the Rookie of the Year award in 2013. Another crucial moment in Dame’s life was the. 9 seconds remaining on the clock, when he drained a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer in 2014 – Dame Time was officially born! Last but not least, there is a 0% chance critics gave the nike air max 90 halloween clutch player on his journey from Oakland to Ogden to Oregon. Numbers don’t lie!

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