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Versace Manifesto VBP100017 Replica watch

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Versace Manifesto VBP100017 Replica watch

Postby yoyome » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:28 pm


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Versace Manifesto VBP100017 Replica watch

Brand: Versace
Series: Manifesto
Model: VBP100017
Movement: Quartz
Case: stainless steel
Case size: 38 mm, 7.5 mm
Gender: Women
Dial Color: Silver
Bracelet: Leather
Clasp: pin buckle
Glass: Sapphire
Water resistance: Yes
Quality: Japanese AAA

replicas watches for sale steel shell: Generally speaking, the processing is more complicated, the output is small, the price is high, its performance is higher than the alloy shell and copper shell, generally used for high-end electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical automatic watches. Belong to high-end watches. : 4, tungsten steel shell: processing is difficult, not easy to wear, and with sapphire watch, Japanese movement, tungsten steel strap. This table is generally a high-end electronic watch.

The choice of the strap should generally match the case, and what kind of strap should be selected. One case can be excluded, that is, the case of any material can be matched with the leather strap, and the effect is also ideal. (D) Dial The dial material is generally made of copper, aluminum or paper. For a watch, the design of the dial is also very important. In our industry, the dial is called "pan face", just as important as a person's face. The same case, with a dial of different patterns and materials, can achieve different effects. (E) Back cover The function of the back cover of the watch is to fix the movement, dustproof, waterproof and so on. Made of stainless steel. The back side can erode text and graphics, and it is generally assembled in three ways with the case. 1. According to the cover, it is directly matched with the case (on time) (poor water resistance) 2. The ribbed case and the back cover are ribbed and tightened (waterproof) 3. The bottom case and the back cover are used. Rose fixed, generally more common in square case (waterproof) (F) hands and hands are important parts of the display time, the general watch should be three times, needle, minute hand and second hand, except for special circumstances. For example, ultra-thin watches generally only have hour and minute hands, and the second hand may or may not be used according to the movement.

The crown is an important part of adjusting the hour hand (time), date (calendar), mostly manual. Copper plating or stainless steel is generally used. The strap is divided into: ceramic belt, metal belt (tungsten-titanium alloy belt, solid steel belt, solid copper belt, solid powder metallurgy steel belt, steel strip, steel wire braid, etc.), belt, nylon braid and the like. The ceramic watch has the characteristics of being hard to wear, not allergic, and beautiful.The timepiece is required to be accurate and stable. However, some internal factors and external environmental conditions will affect the accuracy of the timekeeping of the watch. Internal factors include structural design, performance, material selection, processing and assembly quality of each component system. For example, the stability of the spring torque, the smoothness of the drive train, and the accuracy of the escapement governor all affect the accuracy of travel time.
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