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Why flashlight not work properly

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Why flashlight not work properly

Postby HarryRong » Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:07 am

When your flashlight cannot work properly, do not worry, you may fix the problem yourself.

1. check whether the battery runs out.
Even if you're sure you put new, fresh batteries in your device, swap them out. You never know if it's a simple problem until you try a simple solution. If the problem persists, move on.
2. Check whether the battery is dead
The battery is dead. Here the “Dead” does not mean that the power is run out, but the battery is ruined by overcharging or over-discharging, as a result, the battery cannot be charged anymore, and is not able to provide power any longer. Quite a lot of users love to use the flashlight till the battery is run out, without power left, and then to charge the battery. In fact, this habit will hurt the battery seriously.

3. Check the contact parts
The next step is to clean your flashlight, including the terminals that make contact with the batteryies. Rubbing alcohol will clean any corrosion and will evaporate quickly. You should also clean any threading and add O-ring lube to your seals to ensure the light is assembled as intended. Below is a step-by-step video to clean an LED flashlight:

4. Check your switch
If the switch is not workable, try to fix it or ask someone to install a new one.

If the steps above cannot solve the problem "Flashlight not work properly" ,ask your retailer or the factory for help.
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