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Fishing Flashlight

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Fishing Flashlight

Postby HarryRong » Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:37 am

Do you like fishing at night? Do you know any flashlight is good for night fishing? Here, I get a good one

If you are a fishing lover, you should know that it is difficult to see whether the fish is biting the angle at night. A slight delay may let go the fish. So, it is important to get a flashlight to monitor the line. Here, Tank007 fishing flashlight is a good choice.

Tank007 fishing tactical flashlight is a good tool specially made for fishing lover. Three light colors are available: white, blue and yellow. The three color lights are used for different circumvent, for example, the yellow light are good for misty day for the yellow light has better penetrating ability.

Aside from the three light colors are available, easy to zoom is another outstanding feature of the Tank007 fishing flashlight. Flexible zoom can help you fix the light spot accurately where you want to fish.

TANK007 F3 is a highlight with three light colors. A 26650 lithium battery, the maximum brightness is up to 350 lumens, the longest battery life of up to 18 hours, the longest range of up to 250 meters.

Configuring blue Huang Sanguang source, night fishing lamp with tripod, put very convenient, very smooth.

Tank007 F3 waterproof flashlight to help you harvest more abundant. Huang Sanguang blue light, long-range telescopic focusing range can reach 250 meters, from night fishing, searching, biking, camping, hiking, walking and other one-stop solution. One-piece metal body and waterproof rating up to IPX-6 level which can resist storm or waves.

EDC flashlight
can also used for fishing, with the blue light, you can also see the fish at night in the water.
TANK007 flashlight, new night fishing light to light up your night! Go fishing in this Night fishing season for fun with us !

Without worrying see fish drifting not clearly, do not worry about blue light for a long time to hurt the eyes. Night fishing with professional equipment, so you can make fishing heart, worry stroke fish.

pocket flashlight
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