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Get Good EDC Flashlights for you

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Get Good EDC Flashlights for you

Postby HarryRong » Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:57 am

EDC flashlight

What pocket flashlights can you recommend? I want to buy a flashlight for carrying everyday, can you recommend one to me? Thanks.

As for EDC flashlight, everyday carry flashlight(everyday carry flashlight), many people think the keychain flashlight that uses one battery or two. Yes, both the two types of flashlights are EDC flashlight.

Here, I would like to recommend Tank007 TK737 flashlight to you.Tank007

TK737 is an excellent flashlight which is powered by 1x18650 battery. This flashlight can be used for hiking, riding, camping, and many other outdoor activities1.

Two power sources for convenient use2.

Convex mirror adopted to achieve the combination of focus beam and flood beam3.

Anti-sliding Knurling.

Five modes are available in this flashlight. It can produce 230 lumen light at max, which can meed different needs.

More flashlights from Tacteagle:UV flashlight, best checking tool to check jades, leaks in air conditioner and automobile systemstactical flashlight, good for hunting, camping, hiking, etc.super bright flashlight, made for outdoor working like searching, in Tacteagle is TX51, this flashlight can procuce light with brightness up to 2800 lumen, can up to different outdoor working and diving.

1000 lumen flashlight
rechargeable flashlights
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