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Terrace BC Canada Fishing Report For March 21, 2014

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

Terrace BC Canada Fishing Report For March 21, 2014

Postby NoelGyger » Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:02 am

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Weekend Fishing Forecast:

Weather forecast cloudy with some rain and warmer temperatures. Kalum River is in good shape. I have a report of good Steelhead fishing in both the upper and lower end. This is “PRIME-TIME” for this beautiful river. Guiding starts April 1st. A few last minute spots are still open, so don’t miss out. Skeena River is dropping but still lots of ice. Zymoetz (Copper) River was brown yesterday; hopefully it will clean up by the weekend. Caution: please be careful walking the edge of these rivers as ice has formed. Ocean fishing: for Salmon and Bottom Fish out of Kitimat and Prince Rupert is good; so is Crabbing and Prawning. If you would like to book a river fishing guide or ocean charter for 2014 Contact me anytime. Good luck this weekend.

Taking bookings now for: Gitnadoix, Kwinamass (April & May), Ishkeenickh, Kincolith, Zymoetz (Copper) class 1 and class 2 sections, Kalum and Skeena 2 plus all the unclassified rivers on the Skeena, Nass and coastal. Ocean out of Kitimat and Prince Rupert. If you are interested for a guided fishing trip please contact me anytime.

Hope you enjoy the LIVE Fishing Report:

Thank you for your interest in The Fishing Reports.

Best regards,

Noel Gyger

“You meet the nicest people on the river banks”
Chinook Terrace BC.jpg
LOOKING FORWARD to Skeena River Chinook: Hi Noel, well the 55-pounder (45 inch by 29 inch girth) in the pic is real as life as our latest guest from Grande Prairie, Alberta set the hook on this Skeena monster August 5, 2010 just in time before the closure on Skeena Chinooks. Marvin fought this bad boy for a good 20 minutes and with the help of his partner Brad running my jetboat while I coached Marvin for the victory and a beached whale some 1.5km down river. When the monster hit it took most of Marvin’s line, and he mentioned later that he could see the last few wraps of line on the spool, I quickly threw the anchor into the boat and pushed off shore for the chase, and would you believe I forgot the net on shore, what a *#&&^% I thought to myself, oh well what could I do now. When you have no net and you are not going to land the fish in the middle of the Skeena, so I decide to hear to shore and do what all “bank maggots” (another name for shore fishermen) do, and that is skid the fish on the rocks and he will lay over on his side and its all good, well Marvin did just that and there you have it, a fish of a lifetime! Report and Photo from Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge. If you’d like to book a trip for one of these beautiful fish in June or July or anytime please contact me anytime. We also do ocean charters out of Kitimat’s Douglas Channel, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii.
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