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VDGIF Virginia Fishing Report - 14 Nov 2007

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

VDGIF Virginia Fishing Report - 14 Nov 2007

Postby allingeneral » Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:54 pm

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Fishing Report - Click here to subscribe

Anglers throughout Virginia and neighboring states want to know "how are the fish bitin'?" To provide some answers, more than 25 license agents, marinas, fishing guides and bait shops have volunteered to serve as contacts for information on recent fishing conditions for primary rivers and lakes throughout the state. Sarah White, outdoor writer and regular contributor to Virginia Wildlife magazine, prepares this Fishin' Report from interviews with these contacts the week prior to publication of the Outdoor Report.

The Fishin' Report is only available as part of your free subscription to the Outdoor Report.

The rivers and lakes featured in the Fishin' Report are listed by VDGIF Administrative Regions so you can quickly locate the area in which you are most interested. Consult the regional location map to find the major river or lake you want to know about.

For regulations and conditions on saltwater fishing, visit the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) Web site.

Region 1 - Tidewater

Chickahominy Lake: Tina Vallard at Eagle's Landing reports that the rain has helped improve the fishing conditions. The crappie are hitting well. The lake is cooling and clear.

Chickahominy River: Charlie Brown tells us that the bass are being cooperative, as are the cats. A recent catch and release tournament netted a 58 lb. blue cats. The crappie are also biting, but not as well. The river is cooling and clear.

Little Creek Reservoir: Due to low water the boat ramp and pier are closed. The first peninsula is still open.

Norfolk Lakes: Drew Dixon of Dashiels' Show Room says that although there are not a lot of anglers working the lakes, the fishing is good. The crappie are hitting, so are the bass and cats. Drew credits the recent rain for improving the fishing. The lakes are cooling somewhat and clear.

North Landing River and Back Bay: Dewey Mullins told me that there is plenty of good striper fishing in the area. The bass are also being brought in, with Ken Testroff landing a 5 ½ lb. lunker. The crappie are starting to come in and rise to the bait. The bluegills are active. Cat fishing has been good, with a customer bringing in a 12 lb. and 14 lb. channel cat. The water is in the high 60's and murky.

Region 2 - Southside

Leesville Reservoir: Tri County Marina is closed for the winter. They will reopen on April, 15, 2008. The ramp, however, is still open, although the store is closed. You can still get gas, but you must call ahead first. The number is (434) 369-5126.

Region 3 - Southwest

Claytor Lake: Andrew Bentley of Rock House Mariana let me know that the fishing is good for cats, stripers and hybrids. An angler recently brought in a 31 ½ lb. flathead cat. The crappie are not responding well. The lake is cooling and clear.

Flannagan Reservoir: Flanagan Marina is closed for the season and will reopen on April 1, 2008.

Lower New River: John Zienius of Big Z's says that there is now more water in the river, due to the recent rain. This has improved the angling a lot. Smallmouth bass are being especially cooperative, going for Pig & Jigs. Some stripers are biting. All in all, the rain has proved to be "a real blessing" for the river's anglers. The river is cooling and clear.

North Fork of the Holston River: Jamie Lamie of the Sportsman's Den reports that the water is low and the fishing has slowed down accordingly. The smallmouths and other fish are heading for the bottom. The best tactic is to fish deep with a slower retrieval. The water is cooling and clear.

New River and Claytor Lake: Sportsman's Supply's Victor Billings told me that the smallmouths and stripers are really hitting in the lake, especially above the bridge and in Dublin Hollow. It is best to fish the bass deep, on plastics. The stripers are going for live gizzard shad and bucktail lures. The walleye are biting in Austenville. The cat fishing has slowed. The waters are clear and cooling.

Region 4 - Mountain & Valley

Lake Robertson: Wayne Nicely reports that although the recent rains have helped, there is not much fishing to be had at the lake. Some anglers are having fair luck with largemouth bass. Cats, walleyes and bluegills are playing hard to get. Wayne expects the fishing to be slow until spring. The water is 69 degrees and clear.

Lake Moomaw: Larry Andrews of The Bait Place says that the recent rains didn't do much good for the lake, which is 22 ½ feet down, an increase since the last report. The bass fishing is still good, but that is about all anglers are landing. The fishing should pick up soon with winter feeding. The water is 58 degrees and clear.

North Fork of the Shenandoah River: Harry Murray reports that the smallmouth fishing in both the North and South forks of the river is still good. It is best to use deep running flies, such as Murray's Mad Tom and Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite. The best areas are near Edinburg in the North fork and Luray in the South fork. The waters there are 50 degrees and clear. The trout streams in the valley are still good, as many streams have been stocked. The best areas are Big Stony Creek and Passage Creek. Good flys for these areas are the Betsy Streamer and Pearl Marauder at 10 and 12. The waters in this area are 46 degrees and clear. The mountain streams should not be fished now, as the brookies are spawning.

Region 5 - Northern Piedmont

Tidal James: Mike Ostrander told me that the blue cats are really hitting well. Three youngsters, Andrew Venzke, Rollo Samuel and Jimmy Venskus, all from Northern Virginia went out and landed 15 blue cats, a few flathead cats and one striped bass. Rollo caught the biggest fish - a 53 lb. blue cat. So the big ones are out there, and fishing in general has improved. The water is cooling and clear.
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