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Fishing Takes Off in New Directions

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Fishing Takes Off in New Directions

Postby BulBob » Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:42 pm

The basic laws of physics that held us to retrieving in a straight line have been rewritten with the invention of "Planing Floats with Lateral Motion Control". The BulletBobber turns any rod and reel into a highly sensitive remote control providing the on-demand choices of running a bait or lure to the left or right. Another law of physics the BulletBobber breaks is the law that says the distance of your retrieve is equal to the length of your cast.

The remote control functions work in current or calm water as shown in these two videos.

The BulletBobber also breaks the 1st rule of economics:
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Re: Fishing Takes Off in New Directions

Postby allingeneral » Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:21 pm

BulBob, it would be nice to see you post something other than an advertisement. Why not add a nice signature to your profile and then post normal posts like everyone else? Your input would be much more appreciated in that fashion than the current weekly advertisement that's probably being copied and pasted to different fishing boards across the 'net.

Advertisements of this fashion won't gain you traffic... posting real content to the boards and adding your signature makes you more respected in the community and will draw more people to your site than blatant advertising.

Good luck!
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