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Best time to buy cheap fifa 16 fut coins on safewow

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Best time to buy cheap fifa 16 fut coins on safewow

Postby guoguole » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:41 am

To mimic the real-life football, EA has made Fifa 16 passing less accurate than any previous fifa. If you find it difficult to reach, now the chance comes. There are some simple tips and tricks that tell you how to control the ball, place appropriate players, move skillful and finally pass efficiently from Safewow.
Safewow as one of your best fifa coins seller, provide cheapest fifa 16 coins with safe service for you, while 24/7 livechat service for you, we'd like to solve all your problems in gaming. Just enjoy your game!
Control potential passes and keep possession in Fifa 16
With the overpowered defender in fifa 16, you will get slim chance to pass. To distract the AI and gain more momentum to break the defensive wall, you are suggested to use RB/R1 to deliver a much faster pass. When receiving a pass, hold the L2 and LT button to instruct the potential receiver. When in crowded areas of the pitch, letting your player's body between the defender and the ball to give you vital seconds to either allow other players to run forward or create gaps to turn into and outfox the overly-eager defense.

Use the appropriate and experienced players
To create more space for the mid-field and attackers to enter the box, using the wings in defensive play can help. Using this technique and perfecting cross passes, a gamer can breach the defensive line and attempt to score. At the same time, using experienced AI players who have more understanding of the situation. These people usually move into position faster as compared to a relevant newer player. Have the experienced player as a mid-fielder rather than in attack, so the players can pass more effectively and reach forward position in time to score a goal.

Strengthen your defense to win back possession
Previously, once the ball was passed across the field, any defender that was nearest to the ball can sprint towards it. But in FIFA 16, you'll find yourself short of defensive support. To make things well, you need to defend as a team. Rather than send a single man to chase the ball down, move your team up the field to close the ball down. Thus, shut off space and remove passing lanes. 'High Pressure' and 'Team Pressing' are very good options when defending. Make sure sticks to the position whoever you're controlling on the field, leaving space behind, particularly between midfield and defense.

Use skill moves well to win by wisdom
Skill moves are more effective in FIFA 2016, which also implied it would be more sensitive. The trick stick being sensitive it is important for a player to practice the move and know the velocity of the ball in order to receive the ball and maneuver around the field. That being said, tricks are also one of the most vulnerable moments for the player to get tackled so it would be wise to not be trigger happy when in possession of ball.
Still, passing is difficult and challengeable in Fifa 16. But you can win by using tactics and tricks. And once you win in fifa 16, the success must be more fulfilling. Take action now and buy cheap fifa 16 coins on Safewow to beat your opponents no matter in single player match or online matches.
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Re: Best time to buy cheap fifa 16 fut coins on safewow

Postby dianabray » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:42 am

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