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but instead run on the forefoo

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but instead run on the forefoo

Postby lasky1994 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:58 am

So what about injury prevention? There is precious little evidence here, too – though the Nike Air Max Command Donna issue is also very hard to study, as the variables are so great. Most studies look simply at groups who stretch, groups who don’t, and then count the injuries in each. It’s not the best method but, for what it’s worth, it shows no correlation between stretching and injury prevention. A review in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that “the basic scientific literature supports the epidemiological evidence that stretching before exercise does not reduce the risk of injury”. In another review, the same author concluded: “Studies suggesting that stretching before exercise is not beneficial should be weighted as stronger.”

There is even some Nike Roshe Run Damen suggestion that stretching (particularly of the static kind) could be actively bad for Adidas Superstar Womens you, though this seems to apply more to sprinters than endurance runners. What is now universally agreed, however, is that functional movement is more important than static stretching. If you really want to stretch before running, make it “active” rather than static. Or just starFor many years, the vogue in recreational running has been to be as “natural” as possible. The theory goes that you are less likely to be injured if you run in the way that “nature intended” – though nature presumably didn’t intend concrete, tarmac, broken glass, sedentary lifestyles and expensive running shoes.

The problem is that much of the impetus for this idea – aside from Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run book, about the literally barefoot Tarahumara Native Nike Air Max 95 Femme Americans in Mexico – comes from the observation that elite athletes don’t heel strike, that is, Nike Air Max 90 Womens landing on the heel first, but instead run on the forefoot. There are several problems here. First, sometimes they do heel strike and, second, when they don’t, it’s largely a result of the simple mechanics of running that fast. Try sprinting and heel striking at the same time: it just isn’t physically possible. However, if you run at a less godlike pace – as 99.9% of us do – it may actually be more efficient to heel strike: researchers at the University of Massachusetts demonstrated in a computer-simulated study that at a 7:36-minute-a-mile pace, heel striking was approximately 6% more efficient than mid or forefoot striking. Other research suggests that the “threshold” where the economy levels out between mid and heel strikers is 6:25 mile Asics Gel Quantum 360 Mujer pace.
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