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charged with wrong doing in Neymar transfer process

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charged with wrong doing in Neymar transfer process

Postby xiaoliu » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:31 am

Barcelona had announced with the official website on the final report on four candidates for the election, they may be Bartomeu, Laporta, Beineidituo and Freisa.

As soon as the vote, an overall of four years old rounds of Barcelona counting, Bartomeu received 25,823 votes, comprising 54.63 percent on the total vote, FIFA 16 Coins, Beineidituo 3386 votes, 1750 votes Freisa, There's also 1.07% blank votes, invalid votes 0.4%. You will discover 47,270 members took part in the vote, 43.12 percent turnout occupy the complete membership eligibility to vote.

January 24, 2014 morning, the Barcelona president Russell declared officially announced his resignation on the club chairman, Russell was charged with wrong doing in Neymar transfer process. First Vice-President Bartomeu club will directly take over the presidency until 2016. After Bartomeu announced early general elections during the summer. fifagli20
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