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learn how to build Decent Imperial Base Stronghold

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learn how to build Decent Imperial Base Stronghold

Postby gracedashen » Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:19 pm

swtor2credits s an important part in SWTOR, stronghold always appeals to many players that take effort to decorate it. However, players always need to pay lots of swtor credits for a beautiful one. So is there any way to lower down the cost? The following information would be helpful if you want to build an imperial base stronghold.
 It is understandable that you concern about the “Home”, which can be decorated by your own, offering functions like mailbox, vendors, slot machines, trade network kiosks etc. But before you build your own "base", make sure to do the quick strongholds quest. You’ll gain decor. And then buy Dromund Kaas or Coruscant stronghold if there is not so much cash. It might not look the prettiest, but it will get you prestige with points which will help in conquests overall. If you’re not tight on cash, the Tatooine Stronghold is the best deal assuming you don’t have the Nar Shaddaa Skypalace already, but even then, it might be more worthwhile to buy the main section and the hanger for Tatooine.
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