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Safewow is your best store to buy fifa 16 coins

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Safewow is your best store to buy fifa 16 coins

Postby guoguole » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:18 am

FIFA 16 has been available for some days. If you have joined in with fifa 16 coins cheap on Safewow, you may be miserable due to the less passing accuracy, which leads to an interesting debate among veteran players: passing in fifa 16 is an ordeal or a meaningful challenge.
Fifa 16 passing gets less accuracy than previous FIFAs

After learning about Fifa 16 highlights and features, people can know that EA Sports' huge desire is to make the new video game less of a game but more of a realistic simulation of football. Thus, it is unavoidable that passing accuracy is done poorly. Briefly, tactics that worked really well in FIFA 15 don't necessarily work as well in FIFA 16. And regardless of how good of a player you are, you simply will suck at things that you were good at in FIFA 15. This is upsetting many veterans who did well in past. With the poor first touches and weak kicks in fifa 16, they are even missing their target by significant distances.

Less accurate passing is suffering but also challenge 
Many fans are disappointed by the bad performance in fifa 16, but others believe the change of passing is a meaningful change. Fifa 16 is a different game that needs people learn how to do certain things. When go back to FIFA 15, a game many found was too focused on speed. Playing online, you'd encounter Real Madrid after Real Madrid, simply because of their incredibly speedy wingers. However, EA's desire for FIFA 16 was to make the midfield matter, and in doing so, made speed less powerful. As far as I am concerned, I feel the new gameplay is a step in the right direction, and makes for a more measured, rewarding and ultimately less frustrating competitive play experience.
Some tips to conquer passing difficulty in fifa 16
1. Make safer pass: Use R1 + X to make those stronger ground effective passes, be more clinical at finishing, and make safer passes.

2. Use fullbacks: Use your fullbacks as a true and useful component in building your own play style. Let them handle the ball when you've got time to manage to pass a little faster than your opponent would want. Have at least one fullback who's good with his feet and avoid the pass-and-go feature.

3. Lobbing to win: Lobbing can be a good idea when you have people with good physical stats in the opponent's area. But if you don't, just give up with lobs and start playing the ball with your own feet through the opponent's area.
Fifa 16 may be the toughest game for some to adapt. But to enjoy this new game, people simple need to practice and improve their skill as well as adjust the new style. Have you been ready? Cheap FUT 16 coins on Safewow will help you much. Enjoy it with 8% discount code “SEP8OFF”.
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