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Tips tobuild an elite squad and safewow fifa 16 coins sale

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Tips tobuild an elite squad and safewow fifa 16 coins sale

Postby guoguole » Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:58 am

Recently, the total first 50 players' ratings for fifa 16 have been come out. With a majority of gold player ratings, will you be eager to start building a FUT 16 squad? Do you want to know what people have built so far? Basically, this year's Ultimate Team will be more tempting with a new FUT Draft form. Nevertheless, some considerations and tips from Safewow would help to build an elite squad while don't need large budget.
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How to build an elite squad with fewer fifa 16 coins?
1. Long-term goal: It is no doubt that some gamers would like to make a full Manchester United team as the first squad. Actually, strong squad is always tempting even though it is expensive. For example, someone showed his expectation for fifa 16 starter squad as using Van Persie as ST, Coutinho as CAM, and Miranda as CB. I wouldn't be surprised if Coutinho is as well with his upgrade, but gamers just need to get some decent trading done early to afford them, or maybe take it as the first goal for the new year. It is not so easy to create cheap gold teams in the very beginning due to limited amounts of each player being available on the market. Prices typically lower down as each professional becomes more common. Thus, Safewow suggests that gamers can make it a long-term goal and wait before making major purchases.
2. Chemistry Styles: While looking for least fifa 16 coins paying, you won't be buying the best players in the game, but Chemistry Styles are a great way of compensating, which are relatively cheap in FIFA Ultimate Team, and can be used further improve strengths of your stars. Just make sure you apply a Chemistry Style that improves the finishing, pace or physicality of your strikers.
Fifa 16 is coming soon with mountains of new features to let you experience unprecedented authentic animation, skill and graphs. If you are looking bargains but go after good gameplay experience, Safewow will help you by offering cheapest FUT 16 Coins with no-phone confirmation.
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