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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil

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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil

Postby peacock08 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:37 pm

Attached is the Mid-Week Fishing Report for 3 days
Fishing at the Fly In Floating Cabins continues to be good. The trade-offs between quantity and quality are apparent.
In only 3 days, a total of 2865 fish were landed by 40 anglers, 129 of which were in the 10 - 16 lbs. class, 5 were in the 17 – 19 lbs. class and 2 were 20 lbs.
These are true weights … sometimes in the Amazon the 17-19 lbs. class are also considered 20 lbs. trophies…
We are currently offering trips to the Amazon deep into Brazil for monster Peacock Bass. For further information click on the links below which will direct you to our websites on South Florida Bass fishing and Peacock Bass fishing in Miami or Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon River. These fish were caught just this week in only 3 days of fishing, but our trips are 6 full days of fishing. I can't imagine fighting that many fish all week! E-mail me for further information if you're interested in booking a trip to Brazil at
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