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The Tigerfish

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The Tigerfish

Postby Nightcrawler » Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:31 pm

Has anyone seen this nasty looking predator the Tigerfish, if a person were to hook one these things it looks as though they could chew right through anyone of your Fishing Poles. These fish in particular are indigenous to Africa primarily the southern part. My understanding there is several species, but after you see one, one is enough; they are usually seen in tri-color silver-white-gray, although some can be found as a metallic orange or yellow sheen. These fish are also known to be prize game fish for the angler and delicacy to the local natives. This fish was ranked as one of the top 10 hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world by “Fisherman Magazine”. We will concentrate on just two of the most popular and recognized Tigerfish.

The first of the Tigerfish is called the Goliath Tiger which is the larger of the two and found in the Congo River. The Congo River which is also known as the Zaire River is 2,290 miles in length the second longest in Africa after the Nile River. The Congo River at its deepest point has been measured to depths greater than of 750 feet, makes one wonder what else lurks below the surface of the water. The second largest of this species is simply the Tigerfish and found in the southern part of the Zambezi River the fourth longest river in Africa at a length of 1600 miles and two very large lakes. The lakes are the Cahora Bassa Lake, Africa's fourth largest artificial lake and Lake Kariba the largest artificial lake and reservoir in the world. According to researchers it is the only fish which can live in water contaminated by sulfur.

The most notable feature of the Tigerfish is their 32 protruding razor-like teeth which can cut through the strongest steel leaders and can even straighten out hooks, their teeth interlock as well. This fish most is Africa’s answer to the South American Piranha except much, much larger. Their bodies are muscular and streamlined which make them built for speed which is just perfect for their aggressive hunting style. If I were fishing for one of these creatures I am not sure which one of the many Fishing Reels I would need to use to haul in one of these gigantic Tigerfish. This fish also has another attribute which is a sac inside the body that is gas filled which transmits vibrations from the water and works as a sound receiver. This in turn makes it possible to determine the existence or presence of other fish or animals which might be near.

Adult Tigerfish traveling in small schools have been known to attack land animals if they happen to venture to close to the water’s edge. A single adult will assault and take down prey that is equal to its own size. They have been known to turn on one another if their food supply is running low and have even mistakenly taken out their aggressive nature on humans. These monsters can grow to over six feet in length and weigh over one-hundred pounds. Make sure you take along enough Fishing Rods and band aids if you decide to take on one these cannibalistic bad boys. You might find some of the equipment you will need for these fish at [url][/url] ... 1474693599
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Re: The Tigerfish

Postby HallowMan » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:20 pm

i've never seen that tiger fish.

its my first time to here that tiger fish too.

but i will search it for you.
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