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November inshore/nearshore report Jacksonville area waters

Bays, Rivers below the fall line and other inshore saltwater fishing

November inshore/nearshore report Jacksonville area waters

Postby cosbyrec » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:48 pm

This is a very productive time of year for fishing in our part of the country. The water is cooling, which seems to stimulate feeding activity. Be ready to fish when the weather allows.Good catches of sheepshead are being reported by some of my friends. Fiddlers or crab knuckles are the best bait. The speckled trout bite is improving with keeper fish becoming more common. The tried and true sliding cork rig is most effective for these fish. Look for clear moving water.

The bull redfish activity has slowed down which indicates they are leaving the river after the fall spawn. They will spend the winter offshore patrolling our plentiful artificial reefs and live bottom.There are still slot and oversize reds feeding along the jetties. You can anchor and bottom fish, or use the trolling motor and cast jigs tipped with live bait to catch these fish.

The black tip and spinner sharks seem to have abandoned the shrimp boats. I do see one occasionally crashing the mullet schools leaving the river mixed in with the last of the tarpon.

There are flounder around if you are willing to work for them casting along docks, riprap, and other structure. Finger mullet, mud minnows, small pogies all work well on a fish finder rig or jig. Bluefish, ladyfish, and jacks are feeding on baby ribbonfish in the river. look for feeding birds. A long shiny lipped diving plug is very effective.

Good fishing!
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