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Potomac River / Washington, D.C. / Shoreline Fishing

Bass fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Tell us about your Lunker!

Potomac River / Washington, D.C. / Shoreline Fishing

Postby v8mustang » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:04 pm


I'm a rookie in fishing. Big time rookie. I have a Field & Stream 2-piece rod IM6 and Zebco Omega Z03 reel. I don't know how to use spinning at all & I was told it was easy to use. I tried to use my friend's spinning rod/reel, I can't cast as good as casting reel.

A short story. I'm a student in of the universities in Washington, D.C. I like to go to Lake Artemisa in College Park, MD and Potomac River in DC off the I66 (Roosevelt Island). Shoreline fishing. I went to Lake Artemisa, I borrowed my friend's crankbait. Tied it up. Casted. The crankbait went much further than my topwater lure, I was pretty confused at the distance it casted. I started to reel it in, and it felt like nothing was coming in at all. I was out of fishing line. So yeah, I lost it.

Anyway, I like to go fishing Potomac River when the tide is high. Lately, in the afternoons, the tide is low. I have the chart that tells you when there will be high tide. When the tide is low, there's a lot of weeds on the riverbed. When I went to the river for the first time, tide was high. I started out with the popper, it was past sunset or it was cloudy that day. I caught two bluegills. One was a bite, one was a foul. No bass, yet.

I noticed in the other thread, it's best to use a plastic worm and weight so it can sink because there is weeds on the bottom. Is it most likely the bass will sit on the bottom with the weeds along the shoreline in Potomac River?

What's your suggestion when the river tide is low?
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Re: Potomac River / Washington, D.C. / Shoreline Fishing

Postby Rich Lindgren » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:35 pm

From shore, try a weightless style senko style bait with a 3/o or 4/0 EWG hook and texas rig it with now weight, cast it to pockets and just let it flutter down, the bass should eat it up

If there is a lot of matted vegetation, consider a floating frog
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