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Maglite L.E.D. Upgrade Kit by Nite-Ize - Review

Questions about how to fix or upgrade your Maglite flashlight

Maglite L.E.D. Upgrade Kit by Nite-Ize - Review

Postby allingeneral » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:46 am

A company called 'Nite-Ize' produces a lot of Maglite parts and accessories. One of the most in-demand accessories available today is the L.E.D. Upgrade kit for Maglite AA flashlights.

The Maglite AA L.E.D. Upgrade kit consists of a lamp module with 3 L.E.D.'s (Light Emitting Diodes) that plugs directly into the existing maglite assembly. L.E.D.'s are semi-conductor devices that consume very little power. Therefore, they extend the battery life of your flashlight. Batteries in an L.E.D. flashlight can last up to 4 times as long as batteries in a normal incandescent flashlight. Since L.E.D.'s consume very little power, they also have a very long lifespan. An incandescent bulb can last anywhere from 10 to 100 hours of use. In contrast, an L.E.D. can last up to 100,000 hours! That's more than 10 years of continuous use! L.E.D's also do not have a filament, so if you drop your maglite, there is no filament that can break or "burn out". L.E.D.'s are shockproof!

So, if you want your AA maglite to work for years to come, consume less batteries and increase its shock resistance, you should buy one of these upgrade kits today!!

We are currently running a special on the L.E.D. upgrade kits and if you buy 5 or more, the price gets even better! What are you waiting for?
Click Here to buy your Maglite AA L.E.D. Upgrade Kit Today!
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