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Buy cheap rs gold at rsgoldfast!!

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Buy cheap rs gold at rsgoldfast!!

Postby gamestar01 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:13 am

Want to sell Runescape gold, and you only want to get paid with bitcoins? No worry, help you to make the exchange.

From now on, this is site provide Buy rs gold with bitcoins for exchange, if you want to sell oldschool runescape gold for bitcoins, this site would be your best choice.
you can either contact us via skype profile id: rsgoldfast (nick name: rsgoldfast) to sell the gold, or you can contact us through Live chat service for the help.

We have been trading RuneScape gold for nearly 2 years now and have gained much experiences and reputation on various online forums. Since we are operating from the U.S., you

will no longer have to deal with frustrating communication problems on Live Support and will have an exponentially lower risk of Jagex detection when receiving your gold. To

ensure maximum safety on each transaction, we only buy gold from suppliers that use legitimate sources. Whenever you want to order, please check live support is online. If we

are online, you will receive the majority of your gold within 5 minutes upon successfully confirming your order. Please remember that for larger orders we may ask for various

forms of identification to ensure that the payment is not fraudulent. Out of the thousands of orders we have already completed, we have yet to receive ONE complaint from a

customer. If live support is not online, please allow us 24 hours to deliver your gold.RS Gold After this period elapses, you are

entitled to a hassle free refund. What are you waiting

for? Place an order at today!
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