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My Buying Wow Gold Guide

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My Buying Wow Gold Guide

Postby yajuan4183 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:18 am

I was reading a blog post yesterday about buying WoW gold. It had been basically written by an amount 70 character who had got banned from buy wow gold. I don't know if it was true but it was well crafted - the character was pretty high up in a guild but because he played the 'tank' in that guild it cost him a great deal repairing equipment, replacing armour etc. The gold farming he had to complete to just keep his character standing still got him down a bit so he purchased a few hundred gold pieces from one of those WoW gold buying internet sites.Next time he logged in there would be a message saying his account was banned - his level 70 character was gone forever. He appealed and begged but Blizzard wouldn't back - one small gold purchase had deleted his character.

Everything sounds quite cruel - imagine how long it takes to level up to 70 months, years - how much time would you purchase the character? A high level character may have hundreds of game hours invested in it and no small a part of their players emotions. We highly recommend the penalty for buying gold is very harsh - the smoothness writing the blog wound up watching his guild falling apart when he left as there is a quarrel on his replacement.

If you feel buying buy world of warcraft gold is worth it simply to get a new mount or perhaps a nifty piece of armour - take into account the worst consequences. All these World of Warcraft Gold selling sites all say 100% safe, no risk. Just how can anyone say it's 100% safe unless you are Blizzard and they clearly state it's cheating. The gold sites obviously wouldn't boost their business by saying - nearly 60% safe , most people don't get caught or you'll probably be ok buying Wow gold from us.

The other argument is the fact that Wow is so big they couldn't possibly catch everyone or they couldn't track these transactions. This really is obviously rubbish - Blizzard can certainly track, flag or monitor these transactions. They could easily increase your list of the characters and accounts used by the sellers - rather than closing them down they might just monitor who they transacted with - bingo you've caught a gold buyer.

People think Blizzard won't delete accounts because they're taking a loss but Wow is big business - millions of players and something that threatened to control the economy or the environment has to be controlled or it might mean thousands.Take part in the game to savor it - earn the gold and stand, this is the game of World of Warcraft.

Buying Wow Gold isn't well worth the risks - so would you are feeling obtaining the email that you are account has been closed ? If you need Wow gold then why don't you take a look at one the gold guides which can be purchased - there's no risk of bans and some turn out fantastic - I've listed two the definitely work.feedlove77
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