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FIFA 15 ultimate team evaluation

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FIFA 15 ultimate team evaluation

Postby yajuan4183 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:15 pm

EA every year to launch a football game, to also launch the FIFA 15 this year. As a football game, benchmarking the FIFA 16 Coins series has been nearly 20 years. EA has also put the FIFA series as a top priority, as the lion's share of the sales in the strategy of all its products, it is said that on the investment and promote sales the FIFA series always is the aaa level.

Before the game when it's on, there is news that the FIFA 15 this year will overturn the previous model. Well the fact is not such as been rumoured, just in the FIFA 15 increased business elements, but the core of the game has not changed, that is football of the knife.

FIFA 15 actually does have some elements of the card, but it also simply introduced the concept of open card package, players want to form their own Ultimate Team, just 15 have through continuous accumulation of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, with FIFA 15 Coins for various grades of card with cheapafcoin . Because the players contract restrictions, physical limitation, so in addition to leave players and coaches in the card package, more can open contract, training methods and other consumables.

In the iOS version of the FIFA 15, players can experience than previous works to improve the graphics. Although it is moving the screen, but has a heart the PC.Images, scene modeling, character modeling, and so on are toward the PC hard texture.
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