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had several of NBA 2k16 MT

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had several of NBA 2k16 MT

Postby chenli » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:48 am

The Warriors committed 15 in their 23 turnovers in your second half against the Sixers, and Green had several of his seven turnovers in that stretch. Those five turnovers almost all came on errant moves to teammates, and he attempted only 1 field goal after the actual break. He never did end up with that triple-double as he / she finished with 10 things, 13 rebounds and eight assists.

Green leads the NBA throughout triple-doubles at eight, and his ninth would've put him three ahead of Russell Westbrook. In the end that nearly came at FIFA 16 Coins PSthe expense of beating a team they will always beat. If those hiccups end up being the Warriors choking in these random regular-season games, the 72-10 record probably will not be attainable.

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