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How to Choose a Powerful Flashlight

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How to Choose a Powerful Flashlight

Postby HarryRong » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:56 am

If you are to purchase a flashlight, what factors should be considered? Here are some tips.

As is known to all,due to the development of LED and battery technology, flashlights may be same in size but different in prices. Why? Here are the factors determines the prices:

Light output
Battery type and run time
Size and weight

The most important factor is the brightness. Differnt flashlights throm beam in different brightness. The brighter the beam is, the expensice the flashlight may be. Then comes to the battery. Different batteries cost differently. The rechargeable battery add more cost to the tactical flashlight in general. Other features includes strong impact- and water-resistance, effective heat dissipation and multiple lighting modes, etc.

Aside the factors above, you also need to check the following factors when choosing a flashlight

How does the light switch on and off?

Is it easy to inadvertently switched on in pack?

Does it appear rugged enough (or, conversely, light enough) for your needs?

Do you feel comfortable when it is on your hand?

Is it a tool required to change batteries?
After knowing all these, where to bur a flashlight online? should be a good choice, where you can find various flashlights such as UV flashlight, outdoor searching flashlights, outdoor portable flashlights, etc

super bright flashlight, flashlights that can emit light reach 1000 lumne or more
EDC flashlight, everyday carry flashlight
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