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Cattle hide is a by-product of beef

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Cattle hide is a by-product of beef

Postby Jerryss » Fri May 11, 2018 5:56 am

Cattle hide is a by-product of beef. The batch of cattle hide is a big farmer, a big landlord, or even a big 500 - level big farm product company. Second, the data of your sofa copy, tannery dare not promise. In order to give the cowhide to you, the tannery has blown the bull, and the result has been magnified 3 times 10 times. leather barber apron

Third, upholstery leather is basically chrome tanned, chrome with six valent chromium. Vegetable tanned leather can't be done or made furniture, just to make a gimmick, making skin stickers (wallpaper) in use. Don't be nervous. It's hard to produce six valence chromium in sofa leather. As long as you dare to speak, Brazil leather will be effective. Some big companies say Brazil skin that they use.
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