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The head layer is also divided into many grades

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The head layer is also divided into many grades

Postby Jerryss » Fri May 11, 2018 5:34 am

Therefore, in the production, we should pay special attention to the place where the force is strengthened. The two layer is covered with embossed embossing, so it will peel off for a long time. The head layer is also divided into many grades, not the top layer, but from the 10 yuan to the upper 100. The shopping mall sells 30 or so. It is boasted to call the original leather. leather waist apron

"The sofa of our family is the first layer of leather, the first layer of yellow cattle hide," (subtext, not pig, sheep, dog, donkey, chicken, duck, goose skin). This TMD is nonsense. If you use other leather to make a sofa for me, I will admire you if you dare to do it and sell it.
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