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Small tract of land hunting

Discuss hunting regulations, seasons, provide tips and ideas, swap hunting trips and whatever else!

Small tract of land hunting

Postby JensenBreck » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:10 am

I am in a lease with another guy in Calhoun Falls and we see a lot of deer there and really don't shoot much at all. He has 3-4 others tracts of land he owns and hunts them as well. We let a lot of stuff walk, no restrictions just the way we hunt . Couple other clubs around us that do same thing

Now this year I finally put a stand up near my house on a small tract of land my Son in Law owns(he and Daughter live there ). Actually was bushhogging his old grown up pasture and for him since friend dropped his tractor off there for me to use. As an after thought I found a nice spot for food plot and thought what the hell let me try it.

Put a pre built box stand up there thinking maybe see a deer or 2 in evenings and wife might go sit in stand with me.

Well first hunt there I saw small 6 pt and thought well at least I have seen a deer here, next hunt I saw 18 does and five bucks and shot a pretty good tall racked 9pt that had a tine broken off from fighting (185lbs 17" spread ). Also shot a big boar hog that hunt too

It appears to be a good pm spot, have hunted couple am's but only saw couple does then. Most afternoons I see any where between 6-15 deer and some very big does in the bunch . Have corn out as well as pretty good size food plot, even made it bigger right after I shot first deer. Buddy was out there working on his tractor and plowed big area and top sowed wheat while he was at it for me.

I have not scouted the property at all, it is surrounded by other farm land, grown up fields and mature hardwoods. Just typical rural property and does not appear to be a lot of hunting around

My question is when I am seeing same typical number of does each time is it safe to assume these are the same deer ??

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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