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Duck hunting in California

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Duck hunting in California

Postby sporting-gent » Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:49 pm

The weather here in California has been unseasonably warm and sunny with just a few days of rain. This has made duck hunting very difficult. I have only been out a few times and not done well. To make matters worse, the few shots that I have had I have missed. I attribute that to lack of practice. Fortunately my hunting parter had my back and was able to follow up my misses with some good shooting and drop a few birds. There are just a few weeks left in the season so I am hopeful that I can still get in a hunt or two. The weather has cooled a bit and some rain is forecast for the next week. Maybe this will bring in some of the northern birds. Has anybody had better luck out there? For me so far this year it has been no birds, no pictures, no nothin'.
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