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The quest for Game....(and fish)

Quail, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, etc

The quest for Game....(and fish)

Postby RACN35 » Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:08 pm

Left the house at 0530 headed for some fishing and hunting action on the Chickahominy WMA. Got back in the woods on the bank of the Chic around 0630 and set up 2 rods. Rigging the second 2 rods the first goes off and in comes the first fish of the day.....a Blue cat around 24 to 27 inches long....not a monster but a nice fish for the fight at sunrise. Let it go and got the other 2 set out.....Dave shows up around 0815 or so and set out 2 rods himself....I got hit after hit and the lil thieves took lots of bait.....Dave gets hit....bare hook.....we did the rebait and fed the fish for the next couple hours and I was ready for some place the the public boat ramp and there was not a sole there, So we fished off the boat dock. First cast I get a so-so channel about 14 inches for the cooler, next cast a nicer one around 20 inches for the cooler....third cast a bump N run and under cover I get snagged with the fish still very much on, I set it down to see if the fish would swim out and free itself from the snag. No such luck, I broke off the line. then the bite died off as soon as it had started. I got 2 in the box and its time to go see if the birds are around.....Dave follows me to the hunting area and we walk some fields, on opposite sides and no doves anywhere, way too hot.....I did this same thing last wednesday and killed 3 dove but it was close to 5 pm before I saw anything....none today. I left and went back to fishing the creek and never saw another fish....Dave didnt even fish that time....ok now back over to the hunting fields and tried again after putting the rods away and got the guns back out....other trucks and hunters were there this time and no one saw any birds this time either....back again next week, The key will be to fish very very early and hunt as late as possible........
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Postby allingeneral » Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:22 pm

Sounds like a busy day. So, you had catfish for dinner? I'm trying to decide whether to go out on the Potomac for Stripers this autumn or go back to my old fishin' hole on the Rappahannock for some cats. I really would like to catch some decent stripers...
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