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Cape Henry 25 feb 2008 - Virginia Beach

The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries hold one of (if not *the*) best striper fisheries in the world. Share your striper stories and pictures here.

Cape Henry 25 feb 2008 - Virginia Beach

Postby RACN35 » Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:33 am

Getting ready to hook up my Wahoo right around 11 and was intercepted by a call from Tony to go to CH with that NC fella John Latham, what a nice guy.

Headed to OC to meet up and head out: We started near the boat jam but stayed in the HOV express lane and ran right by them. Dropped lines and smoothly calmly eased around 2 miles out from the Ramada...... nada....... pulled up & ran to the greeen can......nada........did up big swooping arc for an hour or so up past the CH Light......nada.......I say we pull lines again and go back to the Ramada.......had a 4 way going triangle with others on the cell to locate fish and we all were still at ziltch....changed out tails to blue backed white shad on the mojo's and tricked a fat 40 into the box.

An hour before dark we ran out 2 3/4 miles straight out from the hotel and almost drifted we were going so slow......Then the better looking of the 2 Tonys on board reeled in a nice fish in the low 30's around 33 inches or so ........tried for a third fish until we could not see any other boats.......we were 1 of the last handfull out there around 6:30 ........headed in total darkness with 2 fish for John to take back to North Kackalacky -

pretty slow as the rest goes too..... not hot and heavy but no skunk either......the other 3 boats we worked with all got 1 fish each as well around 40 -

Thank You John Latham for the ride, I'll be your HO anyday......and If you dont want to drag that million dollar Persuit catfish rig up here you can fish on mine anyday !!
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