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Ohio Steelhead Fishing

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Ohio Steelhead Fishing

Postby jandjguideservice » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:33 pm

This is one of the greatest steelhead fishing areas in the whole world. This area is now known as 'STEELHEAD ALLEY'. Located on the southern shores of Lake erie. There are many maginificent rivers here that are still scenic and wild. Our guide service is located almost right in the middle of 'STEELHEAD ALLEY'. The main steelhead river in Ohio is the Grand River, listed as a wild and scenic river by the state of Ohio. Ohio stocks more trout in this river than any other river. The fishing can be down right fantastic. Last year we had 17 outings that caught over 70 steelhead a person! A PERSON! Not small ones 7#'s and above, from 23" to 36".

CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE IT CAN'T HURT!! (especially with the economy we are running specials; prices lower than when our fishing business first started)a whole bunch of repeat customers were laid off. Some cannot afford the trips. We have even offered free days on the rivers to many, yet they still cannot afford the commute. I hope to gain the respect and relationships of many more fishing enthusiasts that can help us, help others that are may be less fortunate at these times.

The website is

Please visit and at least join our members area. Give us a call the phone is on and the coffee is hot!!!
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