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while nearby convene country wide players

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:01 am
by xiaoliu
Gang composed by a large family, following the establishment from the gang, the main fact you can contact other family patriarch, invite them to become a member of the gang, through the establishment of the organization larger gang, not only can the national throne in the competition, in the face connected with war, it is possible to create a more forceful response.

After joining the team, the family patriarch from Deadman Rs Gold of the major fact, can become a deputy primary fact, have greater rights, through the use of authority, of the gang people were more flexible corporation of activities.

Remove more of these organizations inside the field map if China and other tasks, or else, in the event of your adversary, even though not the 1st time my friends arrived, they would be convening nearby national players with the use of rescue banners, help you win the action. Once an enemy who kill more than twice in a short period, you can get to be able to rescue their own banners resurrection, while nearby convene country wide players. fifatli20