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Since NBA season opened the modern season

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:06 am
by lilygame
Since the NBA 2K16 XBOX ONE season opened the modern season, the state library works extremely well simply to illustrate bursting. Three online games, he scored an overall 118 points! Inside first game in the new season, your Warriors last time they suffered a new first-round playoff opposition Pelican team. Therefore, Curry broke out inside first quarter, won 24 points.

The full game, he won 40 points, eight assists and six to eight rebounds; second sport, the face in the strength is certainly not weak Rockets, the Warriors still play an increased level, not only away victory in the opponent 20 things, Curry himself In addition there are 25 points, 7 rebounds along with 6 assists. Recently, we continue to take care of Pelican team, in the matter of the square get "eyebrows brother" along with Curry struck the 1st blow in another quarter: 10 involving 13 shots, which include 7 three-pointers built five free includes 3 penalty 3, won 28 points, even though shooting 76. 9 per cent. It is worth mentioning which a single 28 things Curry hit an increasing high in the career, while Pelican team within this section a full of only twenty six points.