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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:17 am
by chenli
Occasionally, special souls will spawn that may grant you XP, in a skill dependant on the type collected. Once 20 souls are already collected, you will be able to escort the souls over the bridge, fending off Amascut's devourer beasts as you go along, using your combat or even divination powers. Note that fighting your devourer beasts gives absolutely no XP, so there's no risk of creating any unwanted combat XP.
Every 15 minutes, the Avatar of Amascut will probably spawn, and must be beat. Team up and carry the beast down. You will earn Noumenon Favour for participating in the event. Also, skilling or training combat on the outside world during the celebration will occasionally spawn the lost spirit. Calm these spirits regarding XP, then hand them in Sinn Derkwill in your Underworld for Noumenon Favor. This can be used on
Buy Rs Gold some unique rewards: Kharidian cat pet, XP lamp, Death animation override. XP lamp are useable on the skill of your decision. Death animation override be dragged on the Underworld by a devourer monster. This can be toggled in Death's house. Members also have entry to the following rewards: Herb Burner and Gravestone overrides. As another member's help, the Underworld is also host to a new Ectofuntus. It's much like the surface version, although there's no ought to traverse floors to get buckets of slime, so Prayer training you will find there's good deal quicker. Halloween is coming and hope you possibly can enjoy the holiday with Runescape along with the Halloween event, Gauntlet of Souls. Have fun!
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