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Problems with Stepper Motors

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:52 am
by JensenBreck
After a complete runtime of only around 40 hours 3 of my 5 stepper motors are broken.
The first was the Z Stepper. He only stutters. To confirm that it was the Stepper and not the driver I changed with an other Stepper and the other Stepper works. After a few hours of printing today both Z Steppers are broken. If I will drive in i.E. Z+ the 2 steppers of Z make different directions or drive in the wrong direction and or they stutters. And here the same. If I change both steppers with other steppers then it works perfect. My steppers are all the same models with exact the same specifications. I had not changed any config.So why my steppers are not stay alive long time? Are my config wrong or use I the wrong steppers for my printer? I hope everone can help me with the config or better steppers.

Please help.

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