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To winterize or not to winterize...that is the question

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To winterize or not to winterize...that is the question

Postby allingeneral » Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:47 pm

This is my first year owning an inboard/outboard boat, but for the last several years, I had an outboard that I winterized at the end of every autumn. Getting an I/O and knowing that they hold water in the block made me a bit worried about what could happen if I didn't winterize it. So, I played it safe and fogged the engine, drained the hoses and filled them with antifreeze, filled the gas tank and added fuel treatment, etc.

So, now I'm hearing that as long as I run the boat once a month (or more if I'm lucky!), that I should just get a block heater and go ahead and run that bad boy throughout the winter! Well that's pretty exciting news to me, because I have heard that the best striper fishing is in the winter and I really want to catch one of those bad boys!!!

So, for now, my boat is sitting in the garage as the temperatures begin to's all winterized and cleaned out...but I may need to revisit this subject after doing some outside reading and stick a block heater on the thing and take it out from time to time just to see if I can hook into some nice striped bass!

Thanks for turning me on to this idea RACN. I'll have to see if the wife wants to go out on the Potomac with me in 40 degree weather! :)
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