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Crappies post rain/cold front- go deep-slow down

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Crappies post rain/cold front- go deep-slow down

Postby WillCFish » Mon May 18, 2015 11:13 am

Many times our weather in the Midwest can be very unstable
and we go from High Pressure to Lows and back in a matter of
a few days. We all know the spring method of a hair jig or jig
and minnow reeled in a couple feet under a bobber method.
We also know how effective slip bobbers can be. The thing
that we don't all know is the speed of retrieval during a
tough bite. When you think you are reeling slow, slow down
a little more and even stop once in a while. These fish except
for a few hit on an artificial bait called a Venom lure 2" Predator
using the slow/stop method (others should work too) .
Many times I would see the line twitch
while laying deadstick on the bottom. I figure whatever works so let
the fish tell you what they want. Once you've figured that out
I's a matter of repeating that pattern over and over. Good luck Fishing.
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