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NW River on 2 Feb 2008 - 1st Trip

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NW River on 2 Feb 2008 - 1st Trip

Postby RACN35 » Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:46 pm

Rolled out the Jon Boat again because its Saturday and theres was NO WAY I was launching the big boat and run up N down the beach chasing freezer is full anyway. Normally I fish the heck out of West Neck this time of year.......went last week and we didnt do well at all,decided to go marks spots for future trips on the NW River......been there fished it a million times but always threw the back of the park with my I launched at Bob's and headed went under the bridge because my Garmin said there was 20 or so feet of water on the other side......true enough but NO FISH ? No Where......marked lots of suspended fish but no takers.....Only numbers I have in my phone are out of towners that have fished here....Ranger and Shoer.....So I called Dayton and asked WTF over ?> Headed his advice and drifted under the bridge towards the R/R Bridge......picked up several (4) crapppie right on the pilons around 8 ft deep....released the specks and moved on.......puttered back past boat ramp and headed around the corner........I have never been here mind you and my boat is way under powered with a puny 9.9 on a 16ft Super wide Duck Boat.......I had no idea the people that waved knew who I was, just be'n friendly so I waved and kept on getting up at a blistering 7 1/2 MPH...... man theres a lot of islands back up in there !!

Marked some fish and decided to anchor around a bend back away from 2 other boats that were stopped and fishing, I didnt want to go between them and impose.......I found several fat females right away behind me where the drop off was and Leo fished out front in shallow water under a big stump......thats where we sat and wore their little fishy butts out !! As far as I can recall we were over 50 on our "first,big and most" bet.......we kept like 20 between the two of us. He had never even seen a perch before so I sent him home with all but 6 for me & whatsherface.......It was dark when we left the boatramp !! Not a bad day at all for being "rookies" on new water.........I would go back tomorro if it not for a Rockfish Charter on the BIG BIG Boat .......Today water temp was 47.8, I got the fat girls in 14 feet of water 8 feet down......Leo's fish were in 6 ft right under that minnows under slip bobbers.......






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Re: NW River on 2 Feb 2008 - 1st Trip

Postby allingeneral » Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:16 pm

Nice job on the perch Jamie. Looks like you guys hit a pretty good spot there. Take lots of pictures on the rockfish charter tomorrow!
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