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Blue Marlin On The Lady Pamela 2 Aug 8,2011

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Blue Marlin On The Lady Pamela 2 Aug 8,2011

Postby ladypamela2 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:50 pm

August 8
Today was one of the best days of my life. We had six on a split, Mark from Canada and Fabio from Brazil. Earlier that morning I picked up another trip for the Lady Pamela in my car and on the way to the boat the gentleman said that he wanted to go marlin fishing for the whole eight hours and I was explaining to the guy that blue marlin fishing is boring and you won’t get a bite so I dropped him off at the Lady PamelaI and I went to the Lady Pamela 4 to start my day. We left the dock at 8:10 in the morning. We stared trolling the first four baits. We got out the outriggers, and had four Bonitas hooked up. The next 30 min it was nonstop as I made a pass in a 100 feet of water. We caught four kingfish up to15 lbs and a Mahi mahi around 10 lbs. We hooked another Bonita on the right rigger and Leo the mate asked who hasn’t caught a fish yet. Mark jumped right up and grabbed the rod. As Mark was reeling in the fish Leo and I saw two huge swirls behind the boat. I told Leo it was a big fish so Mark kept reeling in more line. Then all of a sudden this huge blue marlin started jumping away from the boat. I floored the boat in reverse because we were getting spooled, the fish was grey hounding for 400 yards, it was the craziest thing you would ever see. The next 5 hours of the trip was constant battle. The Marlin came close and we harpooned the fish, that lasted 10 minutes before the harpoon pulled out. One hour later another boat brought us another harpoon. Once getting the harpoon we had to wait for the fish to surface again when it did Leo didn’t hesitate to throw the poon and the second throw he got him we hooked the back of the harpoon rope to a 50 lb reel just in case the bouy went under and it did the blue marlin took all of our line on the 50. I told leo to grap a 130 lb reel and hook the 50 and to throw it over board. It took another 300 yards then I told them to push up the drag we were already one hour late and I did not want to be there all day so we took our chances. It was a long slowbatttle getting this monster from the deep blue ocean to surface but we did get him another hour ½ we got him the put us 31/2 hours late to the dock and a 51/2 hour battle some thing to never for get.

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