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Fall Steelhead Fishing

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

Fall Steelhead Fishing

Postby NoelGyger » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:43 am

Weekly Fishing Reports (Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Meziadin North)

Noel Gyger

September 26 to October 3, 2010

Dear Fishing Friends: :welcome:

SUMMARY: Weather has been good all week with very little rain. Fishing for Steelhead, Coho, Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout and Dolly Varden Char using fly, spin and conventional gear was good.
The Skeena River is in good shape.
The Kalum River is in excellent shape. Steelhead and “Big Northern” Coho (Silver Salmon) are coming in now. I have reports of some outstanding catches.
The Kitimat River experienced some huge fluctuations in the river levels this week. Last weekend the Kitimat rose almost 8 ½ feet in 24hrs. Since then the Kitimat spiked once and then steadily dropped back down to a fishable level and clarity.
The Douglas Channel Bottom Fishing will continue to be good providing the weather is acceptable. Strong winds will become more frequent during the fall and boaters are advised to monitor the VHF weather channel. Check out the Ron Wakita report below.
Prince Rupert; still some good Coho out of Rupert but many fish have entered their home streams. Excellent Halibut and rockfish, bottomfish to be had and not too much time left to make that last trip.
Kispiox River; rains brought up the river level and it was blown out for a bit. As of now the river is low and clearing up. Lots of fish and lots of anglers. Water should clear up a little more before the rain starts as forecasted for Sunday.
Bulkley River; the river has come down about 1 ½ feet since Sunday and it has cleared up a bit. The water is fishable and some are hooking into fish, but the clarity isn’t super; still pretty brown. Upstream of the Telkwa River the water is a bit clearer, but still not perfect.
Morice River; water has about 12” visibility. Lots of fish, but the water is tough to fish when it is this dirty. We are going back to our larger, dark flies. Water hopefully will clear up fast before we get the rain forecasted for Sunday. Check out the Bob Melrose report below.
The Zymoetz (Copper) River is borderline fishable. Summer-run Steelhead are moving in and outstanding catches were being reported, many with dry flies. This week guide reports came from Ron Wakita, April Vokey, Tracey Hittel, Wes Owen, Gary Miltenberger and Gill McKean. Thank you to all of the fishing guides who sent reports and photos. It is very much appreciated! I would also like to say WELCOME onboard to Rob Brown, “the Skeena Angler” and pro fishing guide Gary Miltenberger.

WARNING: BEARS on all our rivers. Be Bear Aware and carry Pepper Spray.
Check your spray for expiry date!

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River Reports Weather - Normal temp - Sunrise & Sunset - Tyee Test Fishery – Tides – Hydrometric Data

Bulkley River
The river has come down about 1 ½ feet since Sunday and it has cleared up a bit. The water is fishable and some are hooking into fish, but the clarity isn’t super; still pretty brown. Upstream of the Telkwa River the water is a bit clearer, but still not perfect.

Kalum River
The river is in excellent shape. I have had reports of Steelhead and Coho being caught in both the upper and lower sections. Steelheading is outstanding, Coho is fair.

Kispiox River
Rains brought up the river level and it was blown out for a bit. As of now the river is low and clearing up. Lots of fish and lots of anglers. Water should clear up a little more before the rain starts as forecasted for Sunday.

Morice River
Water has about 12” visibility. Lots of fish, but the water is tough to fish when it is this dirty. We are going back to our larger, dark flies. Water hopefully will clear up fast before we get the rain forecasted for Sunday.

Skeena River
The Skeena River is in good shape and good catches of Steelhead and Coho are being reported.

Zymoetz (Copper) River
The water is not too dirty. Steelhead fishing is happening and the catches are outstanding.

Meziadin River
This is “prime time” to fish the river mouth (where it dumps into the Nass River) for Steelhead and Coho. The scenery this time of year is simply beautiful. Check out the scenery and wildlife photos at:

Kasiks River
Coho are coming into the river now. The BIG northerns should be here now. Our record fish on this river weighed 27-pounds and was caught by Jack Baikowitz. The water is in fair shape. This is the first river to go out of shape with a heavy rain but is also the first river to come back into shape once the rain stops. The fish are spread thoughout the whole river now. Fish the deep darker pools where they may be holding. Don’t fish unless you see them rolling.

Exchamsiks River
Coho are coming into the river now. The water is fishable. Many of the fish holding in the lower end have moved up river. Fish the deep darker pools where they may be holding. Don’t fish unless you see them rolling.

Lakelse River
I have reports of good numbers of Coho being caught thoughout the whole river.

Fishing Guide and Tackle Shop Reports

Summary for Skeena and Tributaries
Fishing This Week

Type of Fish Caught
River: Coho, Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char.
Ocean: All five species of Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness and King Crab for ocean.

Thank you for using barbless hooks! (This is a BC fishing regulation)

Largest Fish of the Week
River: 20-pound Steelhead from the Zymoetz (Copper) River. 10-pound Coho from the Kitimat River. Ocean: nothing really big reported this week.

BOOKING NOW for fall Steelhead and Coho. Let me know if I can be of service to book you with the "best" fishing guide and/or fishing lodges for both river and ocean. There are NO extra charges to book through me, just a lot of free information and advice from a person with years and years of fishing and fish guiding experience. It is like hiring two guides for the price Your “dream trip” awaits. Please Contact Noel anytime…to start planning your trip. Everything will be to your entire satisfaction

Ron Wakita: Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
Website: and
Home Hardware Tackle Shop E-mail Phone 250-632-1275

Kitimat River
The River experienced some huge fluctuations in the river levels this week. Last weekend the Kitimat rose almost 8 ½ feet in 24hrs. Since then the Kitimat spiked once and then steadily dropped back down to a fishable level and clarity. By Thursday the upper Kitimat River was fishable and we received many reports of Coho being caught on Thursday and Friday.

Sept 30 Lawrente Bachand fishing the Kitimat River Pump House pool landed 2 Coho. Congratulations Lawrente! The Kitimat River had dropped and is in excellent shape.

Sept 30 Athan Ivanakis and Kyree Dos Santos report fishing the upper Kitimat and they landed 4 Coho in 25 minutes. Athan says that "They were jumping like crazy, we caught 4 Coho and lost a bunch more. I am going back to catch more tonight!" Well done Kyree and Athan! Good Luck tonight!

This week’s conditions were abnormal but it is typical to expect major fluctuations in river levels on the Kitimat River this time of the year fishing for Coho.

The challenge is to find where the Coho went and are holding when the river drops and cleans. Angler’s who find the Coho, usually find lots of them. Coho fishing can be outstanding this time of year because of the large numbers of Coho stacked up in specific holes.


The abnormally high river levels earlier in the week caused dirty water and debris in the Kitimat Harbour and at the mouths of most of the creeks down the Douglas Channel.

Sept 25 Wes Owen landed a small feeder Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour. Wes was trolling for some late Coho migrating through the Kitimat Harbor on route to the Kitimat River when he hooked this Chinook. Well done Wes!

Sept 26 Ferd Bouzane skippering the “Hanapai” on a bottomfishing trip with Dan Roth and Gerald Finley. Dan, Ferd and Gerald boated 18 Snapper and Quill backs, 4 Ling Cod and 4 Halibut. They were using Penn 330 GTI Reels, Penn Slammer Rods, 80lb Tuff Line and Gibbs Spreader Bars. They were fishing in the Butedale area. Congratulations Guys!

SUMMARY: Bottom Fishing will continue to be good on the Douglas Channel providing the weather is acceptable. Strong winds will become more frequent during the fall and boaters are advised to monitor the VHF weather channel. It is sound practice for boaters to check the weather reports more often during the fall and into the winter fishery. Good Luck and Safe Boating!

Thank You to everyone for providing photos and info to this Fishing Report.

We have plenty of open dates for Driftboat Trips for Coho and Saltwater Charters for Coho and Halibut. Any interested anglers please contact Noel

Good Health and Good Fishing!

Sincerely and Cheers Ron Wakita

Tracey Hittel: Kitimat Lodge

Hi Noel, with the rivers in full blown out conditions (Sept.24th), we sit and wait for the drop and clean. Current color and texture resembles chocolate milk. Yes 200mm of rain in a short period took us from the lowest water levels of the year to a log jam moving tumble. All spawned out Salmon cannot fight the rage of the river and out to sea they go and waiting for them is a biomass of hunger. This bump has also pushed many fish into the Steelhead Rivers and once things clear up we shall have a bonanza.

The past two weeks were busy ones and attached are fresh Steelhead from anglers Connor and his wingman Fergal from Ireland, Dave from the UK, Martin from Ireland, Mr. Yamada from Japan and Reghard from South Africa.

Also attached are pics of fresh Coho. Jerome and Patrick ventured into coastal streams fishing only a few miles from the sea, so these fish are fresh, not to mention the numerous pods of Humpback Whales in the Douglas Channel, Sea Lions, Elephant Seals as well Dolphins following the boat as we venture home from the day on the Channel.

David from the UK asked many questions about Bears and upon arrival at the Lodge in Kitimat he watched a Kermode Bear walk right in front of him, not bad for the first time in BC fishing. Kermode Bears are extremely rare and are pure white, instead of the usual color of black as they are Black Bears. As well Doc Fergal walking out of the lodge after dinner and a small Black Bear crosses his path, at his feet! As well mom Grizzly and her two cubs looking for a midnight snack waking up the lodge patrons with the bang and crash of a metal dumpster bin, as she tosses it like a cardboard box. She will soon bed down for the winter.

Arriving guests this week are from Japan and Vancouver as our target is Steelhead on the fly.

Tight lines Tracey Hittel

Bob Melrose: Oscars Source for Sports, Smithers BC

Steelhead Memories

In 45 years of Steelhead fishing there are some of those fish that just stand out, indelibly and photographically imprinted in the mind. The first ones hooked will always be memorable, because that is the way with firsts in life.

That first Steelhead came about because of a ski trip. Gary Pittman at the end of the ski season asked me if I would be interested in finishing off the season with a trip down to Mt. Baker in Washington. It seemed like a good idea, and when he said we should bring our fishing rods along and fish the Thompson on the way down, it seemed like an even better idea. He wanted to fish the Bighorn Pool. That was OK with me and since I had never fished for Steelhead on the mighty Thompson, I was gung ho for any new adventure. We parked along the river and walked down to the pool. Gary had already made a dozen or so casts while I was setting up. Gary had told me what to do on the drive down but I was much slower getting ready. He told me where to cast and on the fourth cast the roe bag was inhaled by a 7 pound doe. I thought this was easy. We decided we should celebrate by having a brew at the Spences Bridge Hotel. Of course, there were other Steelheaders there who were told that this beginner had just got his first Thompson Steelhead. Many toasts were raised and it was pretty dark by the time we got out of there and Gary wasn't feeling too good, neither was I. We had heard the night before that the Nicola Pool had some fish in it, so the next morning, not too early, that is where we headed. There were three guys fishing there and nobody had touched a fish. I made the first cast and the Steelhead God was smiling, because the river gave up a 15 pound buck. I thought, five casts-2 Thompson Steelhead, I like this fishing.

Many thousands of casts, thousands of miles, lots of campfires and many great companions and mentors and fish have filled in the years since then.

In the early 80's the fly rod became the weapon of choice and Gary and I were flying into the famous Dean River where he had a place. I had bought one of those brand new secret weapon Sage Graphite rods and hoped to christen it on a Dean fish. We took the little Zodiac up to 5 mile to try that run. A couple of Steelhead were rolling and there was a high level of expectation. It didn't disappoint and I was soon into my first fly-caught Steelhead. Thirty years later I can shut my eyes and recall that memory easily.

Sometimes it is not about the fish you caught that make great memories but the fish that fishing friends get. I had taught a couple some fly fishing lessons. They had purchased the gear, vest, waders, all the equipment, had looked at videos, had done everything right, but after the season still had not hooked a fish. The next season he had asked me for a little help with his roll casting so we arranged an evening on the river. There were 4 or 5 guys fishing so we went down to the tail-out to practice. It was getting dark when he asked how would you fish this pool. I looked upstream and the other anglers were gone. There wasn't much light left so we quickly walked to the top of the run. I told him don't get in the water yet and start short. The first cast and I had about 10 feet of line out when the 10 pound doe hit. I handed Daniel the rod and said "Here's your first Steelhead". The look on his face as he fought and then cradled that fish to release was even better than catching it myself for I know how I had felt that first fish.

Another time a friend Darcy had come out to see me for a steelhead weekend. He only had trout gear so I had lent him some gear. I got him into a hole I was sure would yield a fish. I stood 10 feet away with the camera and luckily got the whole sequence as he landed 2 beauties in that little run. He still talks about it.

My best fish on the Bulkley came about when I didn't want to catch a fish. A local Catholic Father was interested in buying a pontoon boat. I suggested we go for a short float so I could teach him a few pointers and since it was Steelhead season maybe we could fish a little. We worked the currents until he felt pretty comfortable and fished a few runs. I was anxious for him to christen his pending new boat with a hookup. I followed him through each pool, thinking that divine intervention would surely favor him, when a huge buck took my fly. This wasn't supposed to happen. He was to get the fish! It was a beauty, heavy 40" buck, my biggest Bulkley fish. I don't know if it was coincidence or penance but every picture he took of my fish all had my head cut off, he said he wasn't used to the camera, and to be fair that camera did have a tricky viewfinder.

I'm sure in each Steelheaders memories there are some fish that stood out, they are all special, but some more memorable.

River Levels
We try to give you up to date info on this report so you can have help in planning your weekend. However, when the report goes in on Thursday morning and that is when the rain starts, then all bets are off. Up to date water levels can be accessed at for our major rivers.

Weather Forecasts for this weekend look good with dropping river levels until Monday when we will get more rain through most of our area.

Prince Rupert Still some good Coho out of Rupert but many fish have entered their home streams. Excellent Halibut and rockfish, bottomfish to be had and not too much time left to make that last trip.

Kispiox River Rains brought up the river level and it was blown out for a bit. As of now the river is low and clearing up. Lots of fish and lots of anglers. Water should clear up a little more before the rain starts as forecasted for Sunday.

Bulkley River The river has come down about 1 ½ feet since Sunday and it has cleared up a bit. The water is fishable and some are hooking into fish, but the clarity isn’t super; still pretty brown. Upstream of the Telkwa River the water is a bit clearer, but still not perfect.

Morice River Water has about 12” visibility. Lots of fish, but the water is tough to fish when it is this dirty. We are going back to our larger, dark flies. Water hopefully will clear up fast before we get the rain forecasted for Sunday.

Update for Monday, September 27th….after the rain: Skeena River The Bulkley River has blown out the Skeena, but above the Bulkley the river is pretty clear. A little coloured, but fishable, depending on how much rain they get up north. Kispiox River was super low before the rain, now it is up a bit but still low and clear. Water looked great yesterday but may change really quickly with the weather. Bulkley River The Morice and Telkwa have blown out the river. Water is chocolate brown and up at least 3 feet. As much as we don’t like it when the water isn’t fishable, we needed this water in the river. Morice River Heavy rains have blown out the river. The water is muddy all the way downstream to the Ocean.

Be safe, wade carefully and watch out for the bears. They also like to fish.

Enjoy your weekend Bob Melrose

Gary Miltenberger: Fishing reports coming in 2011… and beyond

Thirty-five years of progressively increasing experience and responsibility in the management of natural resources and First Nations relations, including forestry and petroleum industry regulation, forest and forest fire management, public administration, personnel management, public relations, adventure tourism and small business. Last position involved directing the activities, programs and staff of the Forest Management Branch of the Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources; retired from government service in May, 2007.
Guiding and Related Experience Summary:
- 20+ total seasons of adventure tourism guiding experience: wilderness back-packing tours, water-craft travel and tours (including white-water to class 4+), nature and ecology tours, historical tours, and sport fishing guiding
- Extensive boating experience on all kinds of waters, up to and including class 4 rivers, lakes , and fjords and the open ocean.
- Many years of working in camps in isolated locations of the British Columbia coast, and one season in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Chile (350 miles from the north tip of Antartica!).
- Many years of experience working in bear country ..... with large populations of both blacks and grizzlies.
- Private pilot, sea-plane endorsement, with 550 total hrs., 300 hrs. on floats.
- BC Super Host training.
- Restricted radio operator licenses, aviation and marine.
- Class 5 BC drivers licence.
- Four years on the Canadian Northern Panel of the Pacific Salmon Commission as a recreational fishing representative. Five years on the Sport Fish Advsiory Board, four years on the DFO-North Coast Committee, and three years on the DFO-Pacific Regional Advisory Council.
- Am capable of operating any kind of water-craft safely, and I have never injured, dunked nor lost a client.
Education and Citizenship: Bachelor of Science, Forest Resources, specializing in forest management, from the University of Washington. Naturalized Canadian citizen.
Recent Marine and Safety Courses completed:
Level 1 First Aid. May, 2010
Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate. May, 2010.
Marine Emergency Duties - A3. May, 2010.
Small Vessel Operator Proficiency. May, 2010
Radio Operator Card - Marine. May, 2010
Management Training and Professional Development:
Choosing Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management
Emergency Management: Introduction to Emergency Exercises
Introduction to the Canadian Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
Managing Compliance: Safety Management Training
Ministry of Forests, Senior Management Training, Module II
Progressive Discipline for Supervisors
Ministry of Forests, Senior Management Training, Module I
Development and Implementation of Public Sector Business Plans
Sexual Harassment Training
Administrative Law for Managers
Employee Performance Appraisals
Building Bridges with First Nations
Effective Grievance Handling
Competency-based Staffing
Managing Change
Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Accountants
Supervision Skills
Negotiation Skills
Basic Instructional Techniques
Media Relations
Bear Awareness
Winter Wilderness Survival
Special Awards:
Recipient of the 2005 Yukon Premiers Award of Excellence
Guiding Positions held:
- Manager, Talchako Lodge, Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia (BC), 1976-1979. Up to 40 guests, supervised four staff. This was an adventure tourism operation that included guiding white-water float trips, canoe trips, extended wilderness back-packing trips, fishing trips and nature tours.
- One season of guiding at Tutizzi Lake Lodge, BC (1979), Grande Domain Retreats. Guided fishermen for resident trout.
- One season at Babine River Steelhead Lodge, Babine River, BC (1980). Guided fishermen for steelhead.
- Founder and former owner of Bella Coola-Atnarko Guide Service (Bella Coola Valley, BC), 1978-1983. Guided fishermen for salmon, steelhead and trout.
- Founder, CEO, manager and chief guide for Steelhead Valhalla Lodge, Sustut River, BC (1984-1989). Guided fishermen for steelhead and salmon. See Steelhead Fly Fishing, by Trey Combs, chapters 26 and 32 for further details
- Founder, owner and chief guide for Northwind Outdoor Adventures, Lake Laberge, Yukon 2003-2007. Guided fishermen for resident trout, grayling and pike, boating sight-seeing tours, outfitting, and canoe shuttles.
- Guided at Tierra del Fuego Lodge, in Patagonia, southern Chile, January to March, 2009. Fly fishing for trout.
Other Memberships/Licences/Affiliations:
Volunteer for 2007 Canada Winter Games: Logistics Coordinator for Canada Games Centre
Ducks Unlimited annual fundraising banquet volunteer - many years
BC Registered Professional Forester -retired
Randy Prokop and Olga Kopriva (next-door neighbors), Lake Lake Laberge, Yukon, Ph: 867-456-7004, or by e-mail:
Rob Hewer, Spirit of the North Guides (neighbor and guiding colleague), Lake Laberge, Yukon, Ph. 867-456-4339 or by e-mail:
Bruce Chambers (former gov't supervisor), Whitehorse, Yukon, Ph: 867-393-3008 or by e-mail:

Rob Brown, The Skeena Angler

I would like to welcome Rob to my Weekly Fishing Reports. Rob contributes a weekly column to our local
Terrace Standard Newspaper:

Here is the link to his latest column: ... 80389.html
Title: Fish lines and mines Published: September 28, 2010 11:00 PM

Here is the link to his blog: ... /Blog.html

Welcome Home Page: ... lcome.html

Hi. I’m Rob Brown. For the past 35 years, I’ve fished Skeena system.
In winter, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner, I’ve strapped on snowshoes and tramped over the drifts to fish the Kitsumkalum River for steelhead.
In the spring I’ve divided my angling time between the lower reaches of the Kalum, chasing spring steelhead, spring salmon, cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden char, and the Lakelse River, hunting cutthroat trout and steelhead.
In the summer I’ve frequented the log gravel bars of the Skeena, angling for sockeye, summer coho and the summer run steelhead bound for the Bulkley, Morice, Babine, Kispiox, Sustut and smaller, less well known streams that feed the upper reaches, of the Skeena.
In autumn, I’ve enjoyed fine steelhead fishing on the Zymoetz and the Clore, dead drifting dry flies, dragging damp flies, and fishing tiny nymphs just under the surface for summer run steelhead.
My fishing hasn’t been confined to the Skeena drainage. Inside you will find records of outings to well known steelhead rivers like the Dean, the Thompson, and the Coquihalla, to lesser known streams, like the Kitlope, and many smaller coastal streams.
Some of the articles you will find herein are diary entries, records of days on rivers and streams in the valleys of the Skeena and the streams that feed her. Others are reflections on how I think things are and how I believe they ought to be. The pieces that fit into this last group are political in that they are concerned with the politics of the environment, the politics of resource management, the politics of sport, the politics of getting along with people and the way politicians have got it wrong or got it right when it comes to fish and all the things related to them. You will find some how-to articles, as in how to tie a fly and how to cast it. You won’t find any road maps to streams or any precise instructions on where and how to fish them, but you may be able to glean some of kind of information of this type by reading about my exploits and those of the men and women with whom I’ve fished. I haven’t tried to hide the little I know about angling from prying eyes, but, out of respect for fish and friends, I haven’t broadcast it either.
You’re not a bleeder are you? the late Lee Straight once asked me after returning the draft of a letter I’d written for the Steelhead Society of B.C. I put down the red ink stained letter, revised the original along the lines he suggested then sent it back with a note assuring him that I was not. That still goes. If you disagree with something I’ve written, if you believe your two cents worth is more valuable than mine, then I want to hear from you. If something I’ve scribbled down strikes a chord, if you appreciate it, or you’re glad I said it, I want to hear from you too.

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Fenwick was founded in Washington in 1952 and soon developed a reputation for producing the highest quality fishing rods. Under new ownership in 1960, unique advancements included the Flippin' Stik that revolutionized bass fishing, and HMG, the world's first graphite rod.

Today, Fenwick is a recognized leader in the development of first-class freshwater and saltwater rods, as it continues to set the performance standard with the Techna AV. For the discerning angler, Fenwick tackle delivers an extraordinary fishing experience.

Fenwick Today:

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Chinook Video clips for 2010 season

The following are YouTube links. To watch in the highest quality “full screen” mode choose setting of 480p

June 17 32-pound Kitimat River Chinook Plays for 2:45

June 22 Kitimat Chinook Adventure Plays for 4:03

July 8 CLACKACRAFT Kitimat Chinook Plays for 2:10

July 27 Skeena River King Salmon Plays for 3:01

Steelhead prediction for 2010

Just glancing over the Skeena Tyee Index for Steelhead as of August 12th, and must say the numbers look encouraging. The 1998-2002 seasons were the glory years, and those of you fishing then probably have many fond memories of that period. The numbers this year show the closest to those wonderful times over the last ten years.

Of course, a lot of things can happen, and often do when it comes to fishing. But by nature anglers are more glass half full than glass half empty people and time on the river is really never wasted. As Roderick Haig-Brown so wisely said "If fishing is just an excuse to be close to rivers, I'm glad I thought of it." So, if the numbers look good, we think it is going to be good, and we always go out there optimistically – info courtesy Bob Melrose

Coho prediction for 2010

Glancing at this year’s Skeena Tyee Index for September 17, 2010 for Coho.

So far the numbers are down roughly 25 to 30% from the decade average and less than half of the 2009 returns. Earlier DFO estimates were for equal or slightly better than last season. However, so far, that is not the case. Estimates, as with the Sockeye, can be just a guessing game. But, like all fishing, the best time to fish is whenever you can. When those leaves start to turn you know your time is limited so enjoy while you can.

Love fishing for those fighting Coho's and especially the big Northerns? As the salmon species go Coho are probably the most difficult to land. You may hook them, but you will seldom land every one. Somersaults, flips, rolling on the line are all part of a Coho's DNA. It is critical to use premium quality hooks and to keep them sticky sharp. It is wise to replace the factory hooks with suitable Gamakatsu or one of the other quality brands – info courtesy Bob Melrose

Guest Reports and Photos

*** If any of you have special fishing photos, testimonials, scenic river photos, wildlife photos or articles I would love to see them.


Contact me anytime to post your items. There is no charge for a posting. Here are the latest postings:

Real Estate

Terrace, BC This property is a ten minute drive from the Terrace/Kitimat Airport part way between Terrace and Kitimat. Near Mount Layton Hot springs, within 45 minutes of internationally acclaimed Shames Mountain, 15 minutes from 18 Holes at the Skeena Valley Golf Club, and central in all directions from world class salmon fishing, mountain biking, hiking or kayaking. This property features over 400 feet of sandy beachfront. While approximately 25 acres is left forested, the balance has been levelled and prepared for your dream home, or potential development. This property is home to local wildlife, including Moose, Deer, and perhaps the occasional Spirit Bear, plus countless smaller mammals and birds. This property is truly a one of a kind natural treasure. Properties of this quality rarely become available, act now! Contact Noel for more info .

Terrace, BC With over 3200 feet of river front, panoramic mountain views, beautiful natural spring on the property, mobile home and guest cabin, barn, stable, workshop, gardens, a 5 1/2 acre area that was formerly a vegetable growing plot that supplied the local area and has been fallow for several years now. May be organically certifiable. Pick your fishing spot along the riverfront, with several different good looking options available. Clear views of the Seven Sisters range, plus mountains to the East, West and South as well. Located 76 KM East of Terrace this is literally a piece of Paradise on Earth. The balance of the property carries up the ridge toward the majestic peaks on the South side of Highway 16. Perfect as a small farm or build your dream home. Contact Noel for more info, maps and more photo's

Smithers BC - 8 terraced acres of Bulkley River Waterfront. Experience the advantage of natures tranquility only 20 minutes from downtown Smithers, BC. Prime building lot awaits your ideas for development. Proven year round water source. Boat launch access for world class fishing, kayaking, rafting, etc. School bus service available. Recreation waterfront and privacy all at your door step. $175,000 Contact Noel Gyger for detail and more photo's.

Kispiox BC - Fishing paradise out your back door, world record steelhead were caught in this fishing hole. 24 acres of rare Kispiox Riverfront and host to the "Cottonwood Hole". Level, benched property part. Flood plain. Value of old homestead at buyers discretion. Prettiest small parcel in the valley. $249,000 Contact Noel Gyger for detail and more photo's.

Wanted to Buy

I have a client who is interested in property of 5-10 acres or larger on the Skeena River or one of the tribs, not too far out from Terrace BC. Need winter access, hydro and phone connection, or at least wireless coverage. He wants to be able to walk down to the river with his Spey rod and fish, so Skeena 4 would be ideal, but no farther than USK. If you have larger acreage that is sub-dividable to suit my client please Contact Noel Gyger

Contact me anytime to post your FOR SALE river or ocean front property. Retirement folks from around the world are looking for this type of investment where they can fish the rest of their lives and still be close to home! There is NO charge for a posting. My FISHING REPORT AND WEBSITE has world wide reach. Monthly average: over 600,000 server requests handled.
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Hi Noel, I have a client/friend that I’ve been fishing with in the Terrace and Smithers area for the past 10 years. We have been looking recently at land in order to put up a small fishing cabin but we’ve noticed that most land listings in the Terrace area are for large plots. I was wondering if you know of anyone that has a larger plot of land on the Skeena (around Usk would be perfect) that would be interested in subdividing out a section of about 1 or 2 acres. Walking access to Skeena would be nice but not necessary.

I would be able to handle the legal work and associated costs to subdivide, so I just need someone who might be interested in selling off a small piece of their land that they aren’t using. Also, it would need to have vehicle access which we could do by registered right of way across sellers prop if unavailable otherwise. Contact Noel Gyger if you have such property and I will put you in contact with the buyer. New! two weeks ago!

B&B’s For Sale

Sooke, BC Ocean Wilderness Inn This breathtaking 4.6 acre oceanfront property boasts a private setting with small creek towering trees and lots of wildlife for photographers and nature lovers. The beautiful walk on waterfront is almost a full mile of private beach. The home offers 9 very large bedrooms with large bathrooms. The fir floors blend into the log theme of the home, everyone who visits feels at ease in this comfortable home. Current owners have done extensive renovations to keep the property in top condition. The home has been featured in several publications and is well known for its great meals, crystal clear water, spectacular gardens and customer service. Enjoy spectacular views from the hot tub. Just a few minutes drive to fabulous salmon fishing and surfing beaches. Contact Noel Gyger for more info

Quadra Island, BC Moon Shadows B&B 4500 square foot home on an acre of beautiful gardens, lots of room for toys in barn and storage shed. What a wonderful life choice with the ocean at your door step and fabulous Islands and inlets to discover while sailing or kayaking, fabulous fishing, clamming and oysters. Just a wonderful way to enjoy life while raising your family. Home is fully operational as a B&B, and is being sold with all furnishings, bedding and kitchen tools as the current owners are leaving the province. Contact Noel for more info

Sooke, BC Coopers Cove Guest House Beautifully appointed 6 bedroom 7 bathroom waterfront B&B. This spectacular B&B was featured on Oprah for its gourmet cooking classes. Fabulous large professional kitchen, wonderful grounds complete with herb and vegetable gardens, and two hot tubs. Home is steps from the Galloping Goose Trail leading into the heart of Victoria. Contact Noel for more info

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NEW! I am offering a "Super Special" FULL DAY guided Drift-Boat fishing trip on the Skeena and Kitimat Rivers! Maximum 4 per boat. Please contact Noel for details and prices

NEW! I am offering a “Super Special” FULL DAY guided Jet-Boat fishing trip on Skeena and Tributary Rivers! Maximum 4 per boat. Please contact Noel for details and prices

NEW! I am offering a “Super Special” TWO FULL DAYS guided Jet-boat fishing trip on rivers north. Minimum two persons required to do this trip. Maximum four persons. This trip involves lots of travel so one overnight is required. Guests are responsible for their own meals and accommodations. Please contact Noel for details and prices

We also have some great spaces during our Fall Steelhead and Coho season, during the weeks of: September 12 to 18, September 26 to October 2, October 10 to 16 and October 31 to November 6. With the Steelhead numbers at Tyee, it’s shaping up to be a good Summer and Fall on our rivers. If interested please contact Noel Gyger soon.

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