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Fort Lauderdale Bahamas Fishing Report Lady Pamela II - May

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Fort Lauderdale Bahamas Fishing Report Lady Pamela II - May

Postby ladypamela2 » Sat May 21, 2011 9:59 am


Lady Pamela 2

Darin and I headed to Bimini Bahamas to go yellow fin tuna fishing with Gary and Greg.
The Friday morning we got there we cleared customs and got are gear off the boat and ran 35 miles north east of bimini Bahamas and started looking for birds it didn’t talk very long before we found the bird I stared pitching live pilchards every where but never got a bite. It was a good two hours before I saw another patch of tunas birds. This time we got the tunas well I was throwing live baits darin, Greg, and Gary where all hooked up on yellow-fin tunas. This particular time we Caught four tunas two around 50 lbs and 1 around 70 lbs, 1 30 lber. Not bad to start since we left the Bimini Harbor at10:00 am in the morning it was 1:45 P.M at this time. We kepp looking for the tuna bird darin and I were on watch the whole day Gary and Greg called us the bandits or outlaws because we love what we do and were the best at it. We didn’t stop catching fish the rest of the day there mighthave been a few 30 min sessions where we didn’t get a bite for the most part we were on the fish. There is no fishing like Yellow-Fin tuna fishing in the Bahamas it’s the finest thing I had ever done. We go every April, May, June, July there is nothing like it in the world. Around 5:00 P.M that day Gary an Greg could not reel in any more fish or they just didn’t want to I could understand because the next day my whole body hurt. So we returned to Bimini harbor at 6:00 P.M and started to unload or fish we had 13 Yellow-Fin tunas and the smallest one being 20 lbs and the biggest 80 lbs it was a great day.

May 14

The next morning getting to the boat drain told me the live bait died over night witch wasn’t good because finding the pilchards in bimini could be hard we looked for three hours caught some live googleyes and some blue runner Gary an Greg made the call to mutton snapper fish because the full moon the snapper are spoaning an to try some grouper fishing so we anchored on a wreak in 90 feet for hours not one bite. So we picked up the anchor and went to a wreck in 76 feet where we using catch the muttons.
We stared catching amberjacks we end up catching 5 up to 50 lbs abd two nice yellowtail snappers and two smaller grouper we had a few big black grouper bite but they got away not bad fishing for two days in the Bahamas.

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