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Hawaii Fly Fishing Report

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Hawaii Fly Fishing Report

Postby captmahalobob » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:27 pm

Aloha, the past few weeks the tides have not been favorable with strong gusty tradewinds however, there have been a few number of nice sized 4 to 6 lbs bonefish. This 11lbs bonefish pictured was one that couldn't resist one of my newly tied flies. She took the fly 15ft away from the rod tip then proceeded to rip off 220 yards of gel-spun backing before doing a 180 degree turn and came straight back at me for another 100 yards then turned around and made another 60 yard run before tiring. This fish was tagged with tag #5438 of the O'io (bonefish) Tagging Program before gently releasing it back to the ocean. Hopefully, conditions will get back to normal soon. Until then, Malama Pono & Ahui Ho
Capt. Mahalo Bob
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