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January 2010 Sabine Lake Fishing Report

Fishing reports for the entire United States coastline and freshwater systems.

January 2010 Sabine Lake Fishing Report

Postby captrandy » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:22 am

Sabine Lake fishing is good. Fishing up north with northwest winds on outgoing tide, fishing over shell/mussel flats keying on mullet 2 to 4 ft water drifting off ICW flats. Best baits Brown’s Devil Eye black chart and Reaction Chub Minnow LSU rigged with 1/8 Brown Tru-Lock Jig Heads, also tipped with Shrimp Fishbites. Blacks Bayou also holding good numbers of redfish to 10 lbs; best bait Sonar Shad B-Dog Spoons. Gold is the best color; slow rolling on bottom; fishing off points/shell banks. Bessie Height Marsh great for redfish and flounder! Fishing the shell banks and cuts off the Neches River and the deep cuts in the marsh on incoming tides. Flounder Pounder CT Red Shad 1/4 jig tipped with Fishbites shrimp/crab best bait. Louisiana shoreline fishing is good. I am keying on mullet drift fishing 2 to 4ft water, nice redfish to 28" and speckled trout to 4 lbs. Sabine Pass ship channel holding good numbers redfish/drum 4 to 7ft water fishing with 3/8 jig working the jig very slow My best bait Fishbites Xtream 5" Jerk Bait Root Beer/Gold. Sabine Pass jetties holding sheephead and drum on dead shrimp fishing close to the rocks on the bottom. Short rigs east/west side of Sabine Jetties good numbers white sand trout to 2 lbs. cut bait best bait.

Good Fishing.

- Capt. Randy
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Re: January 2010 Sabine Lake Fishing Report

Postby grabyskyj » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:27 am

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