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Mahi Shark Fort Lauderdale Fishing Happy Day Today

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Mahi Shark Fort Lauderdale Fishing Happy Day Today

Postby topshotfishing » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:19 pm

Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

Scott and Tyler Lane, father and son, came to vacation in Fort Lauderdale FL from Grand Rapids, Michigan to do some deep sea sport fishing aboard the Happy Day Today along with the Topshotfishing team. They took advantage of this time to do some father and son bonding and enjoy the warm weather.

We stopped to pick up a dozen live Goggle Eyes from T&T Bait in the inlet in Fort Lauderdale and set out to do some kite fishing with the live bait. Winds were out of the east, southeast at 10-15 mph, 3-4 ft. seas. I headed towards one of our 34 artificial wrecks that sits off of Fort Lauderdale in 265 ft. of water. We put up two kites with two live Goggle Eyes from each kite and one Goggle Eye from the rigger with a spin on lead. Our first fish, a 12 lb. Mahi Mahi on the right long, was brought in by Tyler. The fight was quite exciting for Tyler with the Mahi Mahi jumping out of the water a few times – a good spectacle to watch. We reset our kites over the same artificial wreck, and as we were focused on the live Goggle Eyes, a Hammerhead Shark – 8 ft. long – lethargically was heading south right towards our live bait. As the Shark swam within 3 feet of the live Goggle Eye, the bait frantically tried to get away. This Shark must have just fed because, to our amazement, he just continued along his merry way and ignored the bait. Our next catches were a couple of Mahi Mahi’s, and both father and son brought in each fish, as Jackson, our mate, put both in the fish box. A dorsal fin appeared on the left long kite and it belonged to a Shark. Tyler was the angler, and he jumped into the fighting chair; the Shark ate the bait and the fight began. Tyler did a great job bringing the Shark to the side of the boat – pictures were taken and the Shark was released.

After a good time by both father and son, it was time to head back to the dock at Bahia Mar 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33316.

For a successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter Fort Lauderdale FL for Sailfish, Shark, Bonito, Mackerel, Swordfish, Snapper, Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Grouper contact Captain Zsak. - 954-309-7457 or email us at Website:
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